Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete
Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete

Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete Messages: How To Use?

Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete: A new Accidental Delete feature that WhatsApp has added allows you to recover a message that you accidentally erased but meant to delete for everyone. This additional layer of security will assist you in avoiding a scenario in which you intended to delete a message for everyone but accidentally selected the Delete for myself option.

With WhatsApp’s new Accidental Delete function, you have a five-second window to choose Delete for everyone instead of deleting anything just for yourself. According to the business, the new Accidental Delete feature will assist users in avoiding awkward situations where they mistakenly select the Delete for me option instead of the Delete for Everyone option, leaving their message visible to their contact or the group.

Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete
Whatsapp To Release Accidental Delete

The new Accidental Delete option for WhatsApp has been made available to all users on Android and iOS devices. Suppose you accidentally send a wrong message to an individual or group and tap Delete for Me instead of Delete for Everyone.

In that case, Whatsapp will allow you five seconds to change your mind, and you can Undo the Delete for Me action. After deleting a message, you will see an Undo option. You can tap on Undo to restore the deleted message. Delete for Everyone must be selected once you touch the delete button.

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