Phoebe Bridgers Dad
Phoebe Bridgers Dad

Phoebe Bridgers Dad: Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Kyoto’ Is About Her Dad, But A Little About Her Grandpa As Well!

Phoebe Bridgers Dad: Phoebe Bridgers got your attention if you’ve been listening to Spotify’s alternative or rock playlists lately. There’s a good possibility that you’ve heard her song “Motion Sickness,” whether or not you’ve listened to her most recent album Punisher. It gained widespread popularity last year and is also her biggest hit. However, her hit “Kyoto” has recently been nominated for a Grammy, so that’s not too far behind.

About what is “Kyoto”? The song has a more profound significance and is about her strained relationship with her dad, even though it initially seems silly. However, there are also hints about her grandpa in there.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Song ‘Kyoto’ Is Nominated For A Grammy

California native Bridgers, 26, is an emo and indie music expert who particularly connects with downtrodden millennials. Her work is poetic, usually sluggish, and heavily influenced by the guitar. She has two solo albums and a few side projects, including Better Oblivion Community Center with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Boygenius with musicians Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus.

Bridgers has been recording songs for a while, and in 2017 she published her debut album. However, she has recently drawn a lot of attention due to being nominated for the Grammys for the first time.

Phoebe Bridgers Dad
Phoebe Bridgers Dad

Bridgers is nominated for Best New Artist in addition to “Kyoto” being nominated for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance. Punisher, an album released in June 2020, is also up for Best Alternative Music Album.

Bridgers has frequently performed ” Kyoto ” on late-night television despite the Grammys being postponed. On February 6, she will serve as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. What does that single mean now that it’s in the spotlight along with other songs? Like many of her music, the singer finds a lot of meaning in this song.

The Song Sounds Pretty Happy, But The Lyrics Talk About Her Tension Relationship With Her Dad

Bridgers spoke extensively about the Punisher and being nominated in December 2020 for It’s Been A Minute interview with Sam Sanders of NPR. In his discussion of “Kyoto,” Sanders brought up the lyrics from Bridgers’ second verse, in which she sings about taking her father to the suburbs and parking at a Goodwill store.

Sanders said that although he didn’t relate to Bridgers’ complicated relationship with her father, he did understand it. Bridgers added that she didn’t just write the song for herself but for everyone listening.

Singing a song like that every day and having conversations like this is, oddly, its form of therapy, according to Bridgers. It’s almost like having closure to have a song you’re proud of. “You’re like, I should probably look into this aspect of my life,” I said. And I need to stop projecting this personality onto my relationships and new acquaintances.

As Sanders points out, the song is upbeat and might pass for a happy tune if the lyrics weren’t apparent. However, a closer inspection reveals that Bridgers is singing about her complicated relationship with her father.

She alludes to his sobriety and the rage she feels toward him in the first chorus when she sings, “I want to kill you if you don’t beat me to it.” In the second chorus, she also sings, “I won’t forgive you, but please don’t hold me to it,” which alludes to the notion that while she still harbors hatred toward him, she might end up forgiving him as a result of her empathy. Additionally, she discusses in the interview how she is recuperating.

The Song Isn’t Just About Her Dad, Though; Bridgers Said That Parts of It Include Aspects of Her Grandpa

However, more than that, her dad’s voice can be heard in the song. She writes in one place where her brother told her that their father had called to wish him a “Happy Birthday” while she and he were in the Goodwill parking lot.

“You were off by like 10 days, But you get a few points for trying,’” Bridgers sings.

She did, however, claim to NPR that their dad is not the one who frequently forgets birthdays.

“It’s funny because there are pieces that are about my dad. The majority of it. He’s a Scorpio,” Bridgers said. “But there’s like a piece about my grandpa that’s more; this is so funny — that’s kind of more the missing the birthday thing.”

Bridgers claimed that her father “always had a great attitude toward birthdays.” And they’ve been in touch more frequently than before, thanks to COVID.

She said that although her father hasn’t explicitly mentioned the song, he has expressed excitement over the nominations. In a way, her granddad’s performance was a sign of her accomplishment.

“I feel like the coolest part about the Grammys to me was that my grandpa … If I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I toured with Bon Iver’ or ‘I sang a song with Matt from The National,’ he’s like, ‘Who’s that?’” Bridgers told artist beabadoobee in an interview with Consequences of Sound. “And then he called me freaking out. Like, I finally proved to a whole section of my family that I make music. You know what I mean?”

Therefore, whether it be “Kyoto” or another song from Punisher, Bridgers has exposed all her emotional scars for her fans to devour in her songs. You only need to choose your favorite. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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