Zelensky Wife
Zelensky Wife

Who Is Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Wife, Olena Kiyashko? How Did He And His Wife First Meet?

Zelensky Wife: Olena Kiyashko, now known as Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has joined her renowned husband in becoming a symbol of tenacity and resiliency in her country. For her piece “I Testify,” which details the tremendous misery and destruction inflicted upon Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in late February 2022, Kiyashko recently garnered headlines.

She stated, among other things, that “despite assurances from Kremlin-backed propaganda channels, who label this special operation’—it is, in fact, the mass slaughter of Ukrainian citizens” (translated to English from Ukrainian). “The deaths of children during this invasion may be the most horrifying and terrible. Alice, age 8, died on the streets of Okhtyrka while being shielded by her grandfather.

Or Polina from Kiev, who perished with her parents during the shelling. Arseniy, 14, was struck in the head by debris but could not be saved since an ambulance failed to reach him in time due to the severe fires. I first mention the names of these killed youngsters when Russia claims that it is “not committing war against civilians.”

“Today, our women and children reside in basements and bomb shelters. You have probably all seen these pictures from the metro stations in Kiev and Kharkiv, where people lie on the floors with their pets and children stuck beneath them, “She went on. “For others, these are simply the costs of war, but for Ukrainians, this is now an awful reality. Families in some cities cannot leave their bomb shelters for days due to the indiscriminate and intentional bombing and shelling of civilian infrastructure.”

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Kiyashko went on, “I declare in this letter that the conflict in Ukraine is not a conflict taking place “somewhere out there.” Near the EU’s frontiers, a war is currently raging throughout Europe. The force that might violently invade your cities tomorrow under the guise of rescuing civilians is being stopped by Ukraine. This would have looked exaggerated to my people and me a week ago, but it is the current truth.

Furthermore, we have no idea how long it will endure. There will be no haven in the globe for any of us if we don’t stop Putin from waging nuclear war.” She declared, “We’re going to win. “owing to our oneness. A shared love of Ukraine. Praise be to Ukraine!” Learn about the remarkable first lady of Ukraine and her romance with the former comic, now the country’s leader.

Who Is Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Wife, Olena Kiyashko?

Zelensky Wife
Zelensky Wife

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Olena Kiyashko is a scriptwriter from Ukraine who previously attended Kryvyi Rih National University to study architecture. Since then, she has shifted her attention to other artistic pursuits, such as writing for the Ukrainian government TV network Kvartal 95.

How Did Volodymyr Zelensky And His Wife First Meet?

Although they had previously shared friends and attended the same school, Kiyashko and Zelensky didn’t meet until they were in college. They were like ships passing in the night earlier in their lives. They started dating in 1995 (Kiyashko was supposedly dating someone else when they first met), and they dated for eight years before being married on September 6, 2003, per The Sun.

What Does Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska Do?

In May 2019, Olena Kiyasho was sworn in as the first lady of Ukraine, even though she admitted to being initially opposed to her husband’s political aspirations in an interview with Vogue Ukraine.

She fessed up, “I am a private person. However, the new circumstances demand rules, and I’m trying to follow them. I like to hang out backstage. My husband is always in the spotlight, but I prefer to be in the background. I don’t like to tell jokes, and I’m not the life of the party. It doesn’t fit with who I am. But I came up with my justifications for wanting attention. One of them is the chance to draw attention to significant social issues.”

Since then, she has made it one of her top priorities to improve children’s nutrition, working with chef Ievgen Klopotenko to create new school menus and providing additional resources and food restrictions beginning in 2021. This is similar to former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama.

She described her work to Vogue Ukraine (via the London Evening Standard), “In Japan, for instance, every school has a nutritionist who focuses only on the nutrition of kids with allergies, and school kitchens are entirely segregated and hygienic, like an operating room. I researched many theories and concluded that it is possible to make great changes if you are serious in your desire and put in the necessary effort.”

She reportedly gave a speech at the Ukrainian Women’s Congress that helped the nation join the G7’s Biarritz Partnership because she is dedicated to advancing gender equality. She also aims to promote healthcare accessibility and social and economic success, which she concentrates on when working on the “Without Barriers” program.

She stated, “Millions of people were entirely or partially isolated during quarantine. We all experienced hurdles. We all simultaneously took part in a social experiment in our society, cities, and villages without ever recognizing it. To coexist with those with varying mental, physical, and mobility abilities. Most of us know that this isn’t permanent.

However, there are some nearby for whom these obstacles will always exist. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians continually occupy the blocks everyone has now sensed.” Additionally, Olena Kiyashko promotes the use of the Ukrainian language worldwide, a cause that undoubtedly means more to her today than ever.

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