Billie Eilish Bf Age
Billie Eilish Bf Age

Billie Eilish Bf Age: What Does Her Family Think of Her And Jesse Rutherford’s Age Difference?

Billie Eilish Bf Age: A callout? The age difference between Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford has garnered much attention since they went public. The “Sweater Weather” musician and the “bad guy” singer may have made light of the criticism.

Billie dressed as a baby for Halloween, while her boyfriend Jesse dressed as an elderly guy. When Billie shared a picture of herself and Jesse dressed in their costumes at the end of a carousel, she declared their relationship to be official on Instagram.

On the Twitter account PopCrave, fans responded to the outfits right away. “Billie is grown enough to know how odd and disturbing this is btw,,” one user who quoted the PopCrave tweet of the costumes remarked.

“I wish I could wash my eyes with soap and remove this from my thoughts,” another person retorted. Billie’s supporters defended her by saying, “Billie is so real like,” in response to the haters.

So why is the friendship between the musicians causing so much controversy? Learn more about the age difference between Jesse Rutherford and Billie Eilish below.

What Are Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford’s Age Gap?

How old are Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford in comparison? The singer of “Happier Than Ever,” 21 years old, and the musician of “Daddy Issues,” who is 31 years old, are 10 years apart.

Many supporters complained about the age difference on Twitter. “Billie Eilish cannot legally drink, and Jesse has known her since she was 15. Must love Hollyweird!” was one person’s tweet. Others who were admirers of Billie defended her by saying, “I have no idea who this Jesse guy is, but Billie Eilish is 20 years old, not 16.” She is a complete adult.

Billie Eilish Bf Age
Billie Eilish Bf Age

Finneas, Billie’s brother, mirrored the latter opinion. “I want my sister to be happy and safe,” Finneas remarked in response to someone who wrote on TikTok, “and she is a 21-year-old adult completely allowed to make her own life decisions.” Your sister is dating a 31-year-old man, and your music is lousy.

The “Sweater Weather” guitarist and the “Bad Guy” singer were spotted together during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in October 2020. According to TMZ, they were seen holding hands. The two have not, however, made a romance official. A second source informed Hollywood Life that the two are respectful of one another and have been friends for a time.

Although they’ve only been dating for a short while, the source said that Billie feels quite comfortable with Jesse because they’ve known each other for years. “Billie knows that fans could be worried about their age difference, but she doesn’t think it’s a problem because they connect on many levels.

Additionally, she will be of legal drinking age when she turns 21 in a few months, so there won’t be as many limitations on where they may hang out. The source added that Billie respects the vocalist of “Daddy Issues,” He is not only a very successful artist but also treats her with nothing but respect and is tremendously brilliant and witty. Even though everything is still very new, things are going great so far.

She was once more questioned if she was dating anyone during her yearly Vanity Fair interview. She sounded quite ecstatic during the episode, saying, “It’s pretty fantastic, and I’m delighted and happy about it. I progressed to the point where I not only pulled the ass of the person I considered the hottest f-king f-her alive, but he also knew me.

Are you serious? Can we please give me a round of applause? She responded, “Thank you, Jesse Rutherford, everyone,” as the crew applauded her. I grabbed his behind. All me. That’s what I did. I restrained that motherf-ker.

What Does Billie Eilish’s Family Think of Her And Jesse Rutherford’s Age Gap?

According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Jesse doesn’t mind his relationship with his sister because he has a long history with Billie’s brother Finneas. The insider stated, “Jesse gets along perfectly with [Billie’s] brother Finneas, who is very important to her. “Finneas supports this because he adores seeing his sister ecstatic and joyful.

Billie has seen such remarkable growth over the last few years that she is prepared to be with a man on an equal footing. Jesse, according to her, is the ideal partner for her. The source stated, “Everyone around them can see their intense connection. They both have a strong love for music, and Jesse shows Billie a lot of respect and appreciation. He does not regard her as a celebrity or anything of the sort.

Billie’s parents agree with their age difference and the couple’s overall connection. On November 1, 2022, a source told HollywoodLife that her mother, Maggie Baird, and father, Patrick O’Connell, have met Jesse and are highly supportive of the union.

Both she and he have fallen for each other. The insider claimed that her parents had met him, and they regarded him as a complete gentleman. They think their personalities complement one another perfectly. They may rely on him because he is sincere and only wants to see her happy.

Matthew Tyler Vorce, a podcaster, and Billie were recently romantically involved. On May 30, 2022, he posted a direct message to his ex-fan girlfriends on Instagram Story, where he announced their breakup and denied cheating on the singer by Billie. “No one committed infidelity. Relationships break apart.

Just like that. On the internet, spreading false information and lying are risky. The most cowardly thing you can do, he said in another Instagram Story, is that “thousands of people spend time out of their day to write the most terrible things on someone they will never know (sic) postings. Your life is your own.


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The tweets followed allegations of infidelity made by Eilish’s fans against podcaster Vorce, who received a barrage of criticism on social media. When they broke up in 2021, Jesse was still engaged in a committed relationship with influencer and designer Devon Lee Carlson.

The song “Your Power,” which Billie also penned, is thought by fans to be about her once-secret ex, Brandon Quenton Adams, also known as “Q.” The rapper appeared in Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry, her most recent Apple TV+ documentary.

When Billie was underage—she was 17 and Q was 22—the couple dated for a year before ending their relationship permanently in June 2019. Some fans believe Billie is again addressing their relationship in “Your Power,” as she references their age gap and discusses Q’s “destructive” conduct after discussing it in the documentary. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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