Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins
Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins

Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins?

Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins: Dwayne Haskins Jr., a beloved former quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, was only a few years into a bright NFL career when his life was tragically cut short at the beginning of 2022.

Dwayne was a collegiate football superstar who played for the Washington Redskins, and played for the Pittsburgh Steelers before tragically losing it all. A Haskins made waves in the NFL less than three weeks later. Thankfully, the news was good this time; Haskins had been given a berth in the NFL.

Hassan Haskins, a former Michigan running back selected by the Tennessee Titans in the Fourth Round at Pick 26 in the 2022 NFL Draft, was the player in question. However, the moniker confused savvy NFL fans and football pundits across the US. Was Dwayne Haskins’ brother Hassan Haskins?

Fans researched and found fascinating facts about these two football-playing titans, but we pushed further to discover the truth. And it is now.

Who is Hassan Haskins?

On November 26, 1999, Hassan Haskins was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Hassan began his football career at Eureka High School in Eureka, Missouri, where he established a reputation as a dependable, physical, and workmanlike player.

Haskins also participated in track and field and basketball, but when he went to college, he stopped playing those sports to concentrate on football. He thrived as the No. 1 running back in football, which helped him land a spot with the University of Michigan.

On October 29, 2017, he gave his program commitment as the university’s three-star running back. He was the 82nd-best running back in the US at the time.

Are Dwayne And Hassan Haskins Related?

Although Dwayne Haskins has an older brother who participates in the NFL, Hassan is not that sibling. The St. Louis Rams selected Maurice Alexander, Dwayne’s brother, in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Hassan is not related to Dwayne or Maurice.

Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins
Is Hassan Haskins Related To Dwayne Haskins

How Did Hassan Haskins Get Into the NFL?

In his first year at the University of Michigan, Hassan Haskins switched to linebacker. Still, after Chris Evans was suspended and Karan Higdon graduated, he returned to being a running back.

Haskins said playing linebacker during his time in college helped him increase his awareness of the running lanes and helped him think like the opposition. Haskins gained notoriety in November 2021 when he defeated Ohio State while scoring five rushing touchdowns.

With 18 rushing touchdowns in a single season, he finished the regular season with an astonishing 1,232 yards on 244 runs, matching him for second place in program history.

His college football career ended with the most carries over two years without a fumble, and he participated in the 2021 Big Ten Football Championship Games. Hassan Haskins was selected with the 26th overall pick in Round Four of the 2022 NFL Draft on April 30, 2022. He was given a spot on the Tennessee Titans.

Who is Dwayne Haskins?

Dwayne Haskins Jr was born on May 3, 1997, and reared in Highland Park, New Jersey. His parents, Tamara Haskins and Dwayne Haskins Sr., still reside in New Jersey.

While still in high school, Dwayne met wide receiver Mohamed Sanu of the NFL. Haskins’ close friend Mohamed Jabbie introduced them because Sanu is Jabbie’s uncle.

Sanu decided to serve as Haskins’ mentor because Haskins had always known that playing football would allow him to support his family.

Sanu helped Haskins gain the physical and mental discipline that coaches and potential teams believed he lacked throughout high school by guiding him through his workouts.

Where Did Dwayne Haskins Go To College?

Haskins enrolled at Ohio State in 2017, primarily to compete in the Big Ten Conference and catch the eye of scouts and potential NFL teams. The strategy was successful; in his sophomore year, he established records for passing yards and touchdowns in a single season at the Big Ten Conference.


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Dwayne received the Sammy Baugh Trophy, the Kellen Moore Award, and numerous other football distinctions while playing for the Buckeyes. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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