Leslie Grace Batgirl costume
Leslie Grace Batgirl costume

Leslie Grace Reveals The Final Batgirl Costume That Could’ve Been

Leslie Grace’s Batgirl Costume: Although 2022 is over, the mystery of what happened when Warner Bros. shelved the Batgirl film will persist for some time, especially since star Leslie Grace is still teasing details of what the reportedly nearly finished film could’ve done for Barbara Gordon.

Grace provided many tiny glimpses of the Batgirl set in a new Instagram video she posted on January 1st. However, one of the clips shows Grace in costume getting food; this isn’t the Batgirl of Burnside-inspired outfit that we only ever saw in officially released movie footage. Instead, it seems to be what might have been Barbara’s last outfit in the film.

Leslie Grace Batgirl costume
Leslie Grace Batgirl costume

It appears to be an armored version of the iconic Batgirl outfit from the 1966 Batman TV series. It fuses the contemporary superheroic padding gear look with the vivid purple and yellow of Barbara’s most well-known costume.

Although a casual BTS shot won’t fully reflect how the suit would’ve looked shot and lit for the final film, it appears that Warner Bros is just not going to give us a chance to see that. It is an upgrade to the Burnside-style look, featuring a more muted version of a similar color palette. This is the best we can do, then!

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