North Korea's Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals For 2023!
North Korea's Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals For 2023!

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals For 2023!

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals For 2023!

As tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un set new objectives for the military during the party’s eighth central committee’s sixth enlarged plenary meeting.

According to Reuters, North Korea’s state media claimed on Wednesday that Kim gave party leaders instructions for the “anti-enemy struggle” and acknowledged that the country faced a “newly created hard scenario” on the Korean Peninsula.

According to the KCNA News agency, “He highlighted the principles of foreign affairs and the path of the war against the enemy that our party and government must steadfastly adhere to maintain sovereign rights and defend national interests.”

Kim Jong Un reportedly called for “strengthening self-defensive capabilities to be aggressively pursued in 2023” to achieve those objectives, while KCNA did not provide further information on the anticipated military build-up.

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The dictator’s comments come as tensions between the isolated nation and its neighbors South Korea and Japan are increasing. Both countries have called for a more robust military in reaction to North Korea’s unprecedented number of missile tests.

North Korea has vowed to take “bold military steps” against Japan in reaction to Tokyo’s intentions to significantly expand defense spending, which North Korea linked to Japan’s military buildup before World War II.

He added that the preparations, described by a spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry as “Japan’s reckless endeavor to satiate its black-hearted hunger,” cannot be justified or accepted. Japan is building up its military invasion capability under cover of a proper exercise of self-defense rights.

Those words were spoken just a few days after North Korea restarted weapons testing last week, launching two ballistic missiles over international waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The most recent instance of elevated tensions with South Korea occurred on Monday when North Korean drones breached South Korean airspace for the first time in five years, causing the South Korean military to fire warning shots and scramble aircraft to shoot the drones down.

The South Korean military, however, was unable to shoot down the drones before they disappeared from radar, and the country promised that this oversight would force it to reevaluate its anti-drone program.

“To keep an eye on North Korea’s most important military facilities, we intend to establish an army drone unit. But given the situation from yesterday, we’ll move the creation of the drone unit forward as fast as feasible, “On Tuesday, Yoon Suk Yeol, the president of South Korea, said. Additionally, we’ll increase our monitoring capacity and deploy advanced stealth drones.

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