Who Is Sia Dating Now
Who Is Sia Dating Now

Who Is Sia Dating Now? Why did Shia Lebeouf and Sia break up?

Who Is Sia Dating Now? Kate Isobelle Furle, a member of Sia Australia, is a singer, songwriter, and voice actress. Some of Shia Lebeouf’s fans are curious about how she is doing after their breakup. You can learn about her current connections in this article. Let’s investigate.

Recognize Sia?

An Australian singer, songwriter, and voice actor named Sia. Her birthday is December 18, 1975. Adelaide is where she was born and reared. She started her career as a singer with the acid jazz group Crisp in the middle of the 1990s. She had just released her debut studio album in Australia when Crisp and I split up in 1997.

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It had the name Only see. She relocated to London and performed with the British duo Zero 7. Sia’s second studio album, Healing Is Hard, was released in 2001. Her third studio album, Color the Small One, was released in 2004.

Why did Shia Lebeouf and Sia break up?

FKA Twigs charged Shia Lebeouf with inflicting mental and emotional harm. Sia came forward and claimed that she had the same situation.

“I, too, have been emotionally damaged by Shia, a compulsive liar, who deceived me into an adulterous relationship by stating she was single,” Sia said on Twitter. He seems ill, and I feel bad for him and the people he damages. She advised that you should be safe and stay away if you care for yourself.

Who Is Sia Dating Now-

Sia concurred that what FKA Twigs did was courageous. “I love you, Twig,” was added. “This is incredibly bold, and I’m quite proud of you,” she responded. Fka Twigs discussed her relationship with Shia in an interview. It was “the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life,” she said.

Shia, however, disputed these assertions. “I have no authority to judge how my actions have affected anyone’s feelings,” I don’t know why I drink or become furious, either. I’ve long been cruel to both myself and other people. In the past, I’ve harmed those closest to me. I apologize to everyone I offended because of my past behavior. There’s nothing else I can say, he said.


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Who is Sia Dating?

Sia used to be married to Eric Lang. They tied the knot in 2014. But it didn’t endure as long as they had hoped regarding their relationship. They got divorced in 2016. She was dating J.D. Samson at the time. In addition, they ended their relationship quickly.

Sia isn’t dating anyone right now. She recently declared that she wished to be single throughout her entire life. In an interview where she discussed being drawn to Diplo, she said, “This year, I sent him a text saying, “Hey, you’re like one of five people I’m sexually attracted to, but I’ve decided to stay single for the rest of my life, and I just adopted a boy, so I don’t have time for a relationship.”

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