Lise Nørgaard Dies
Lise Nørgaard Dies

Danish Screenwriter Lise Nørgaard Dies At Age 105!

Danish Screenwriter Lise Nørgaard Dies At Age 105!

Lise Nørgaard, a screenwriter who created the well-known epic television drama “Matador,” which chronicled the lives of typical Danish families in a fictitious rural village through the Great Depression and World War II, has passed away. Her age was 105.

After a brief illness, Lise Nørgaard passed away on Sunday, her family said. Her 1992 memoir “Kun en pige,” which details her battle to become a female reporter, is another notable accomplishment.

She had jobs at prestigious Danes like Politiken and Berlingske. Her career began with the neighborhood paper Roskilde Dagblad in Roskilde, approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Copenhagen.

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On Instagram, the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, wrote, “We say goodbye to a national treasure.” “A powerful, empathetic woman who never shied away from taking charge. She gave Matador to us. Something from Danish history.

In honor of Lise Nørgaard, who was scarcely recognized outside of Scandinavia and Germany, Danish parliamentarians tweeted on Monday.

Culture “has lost a piece of life,” according to Culture Minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt. Denmark was a significant contributor to its era as well as a witness.

Her television program “Matador,” which German Ambassador Pascal Hector hailed as a “masterpiece,” was “my first interaction with the Danish language and the country’s history,” he wrote in a tweet.

The fictional Danish town of Korsbaek served as the location for the 24-episode “Matador,” which was initially shown in 1978 and rebroadcast over the years. The four-season program, which ended in 1982, helped several Danish actors break through, and a portion of the fictional town was reconstructed in a Danish amusement park.

In 2018, Lise Nørgaard ended her career as a lecturer and author. Funeral plans weren’t released right away.

When Was Lise Nørgaard Born?

Danish journalist and author Lise Nørgaard (born on 14 June 1917) was renowned for her accurate and frequently amusing depictions of Danish cultural life. Novels, anthologies of essays, and short tales were all written by Nørgaard. Her masterwork is the childhood memoir Kun en pige (Only a girl), which became a blockbuster in 1992. The book was turned into a movie in 1995.

Nørgaard developed and co-wrote the television series Matador from 1978 until 1982. The series, which covered 1929 to 1947 and focused on typical Danish characters residing in the made-up town of Korsbaek, rose to the top of the ratings in Denmark.

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