Marie Osmond Shares Rare Photo With Husband Steve Craig At Disney World!
Marie Osmond Shares Rare Photo With Husband Steve Craig At Disney World!

Marie Osmond Shares Rare Photo With Husband Steve Craig At Disney World!

Marie Osmond Shares Rare Photo With Husband Steve Craig At Disney World!

Disney fun is being had in style by Marie Osmond and her family.

The singer and actress, 63, debuted a new hairstyle while sharing a rare photo of her and her husband, Steve Craig, at Disney World on Friday.

“I’ve been lucky to spend the week with my family here at Walt Disney World after we ended the #CandlightCelebration at Epcot! She wished everyone a peaceful and enjoyable week in the Instagram caption.

Osmond showcased her new shorter blonde hair, a change from her lengthy brunette locks, while sporting a black long-sleeve and black Mickey Mouse-printed leggings.

Marie Osmond grins at the camera as she stands next to her husband, Craig, who has his arm around his wife. The second image shows Craig and her grandchildren holding hands as they stroll through the theme park, as captured by the former co-host of The Talk.

After divorcing in 1985, Marie Osmond remarried Craig in 2011, 26 years after their initial marriage.

The Donny & Marie actress wed actor Brian Blosil in 1986 and divorced him more than 20 years later, in 2007, before she reconciled with him.

Eight grandchildren later, Marie Osmond told PEOPLE in 2019 that her daughter Brianna, 23, and her cinematographer husband Dave Schwep, 44, had given birth to a girl.

The veteran performer also has four boys, including Stephen, 38, Brandon, 24, Matthew, 22, and Michael, who committed suicide at the age of 19, and three other daughters, Jessica, 31, Rachael, 30, and Abigail, 16.

Marie Osmond revealed to PEOPLE in 2019 that she has remarried Craig.


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At the time, Osmond told PEOPLE, “Nothing is an accident. I identify as spiritual. God has his timing, I think.

I never wanted to get married again, Osmond said of her acrimonious split from Blosil. I said, “I’m good; I’m fine!” It was, therefore, a surprise when she got in touch with Craig through their son Stephen.

According to Marie Osmond, “the problem about a second marriage is that you realize things you thought were essential aren’t.” When I’m with my husband, I adore it. He is the most excellent man I have ever met. He indeed attends to the needs of others and lives to serve.

Finally, she told PEOPLE, “Stephen was getting married, and we [realized] we can’t go to our son’s wedding and not be married.” The result was that we were married before he was. He made light of the fact that it did happen despite his doubts.

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