Zendaya Gay
Zendaya Gay

Is Zendaya Gay? What City Does Zendaya Live In?

Is Zendaya Gay? One of the most enthrallingly captivating award-winning actors, Zendaya is most known for playing Rue in the widely acclaimed series Euphoria. She is one of the actors who will go to any measures to keep her private life hidden from the public’s prying eyes and is highly praised for her advocacy in philanthropy.

But more lately, her outspoken support for the LGBTQI+ community caused many people worldwide to ponder her secret love life and to conjecture that she might be gay.

So let’s investigate it and discover the truth.

Is Zendaya Gay?

She may have expressed outspoken support for the LGBTQI+ community, but that does not imply that she is a community member or gay. Everyone is allowed to express themselves freely if they have common interests. Similarly, Zendaya vehemently asserted her right to free speech regarding the LGBTQI+ community, and soon after that, rumors about her sexual orientation started to circulate.

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Therefore, Zendaya does not identify as gay and has never had a love relationship with someone of the same sex. However, she freely discussed her sexual orientation and said she might identify as pansexual or bisexual in an interview in 2021.

Zendaya’s S*xual Orientation

People who stan Zendaya were very sure that she is straight despite her tough, enigmatic dating life up until she came out about her sexual orientation in late 2021.

Although Zendaya was well recognized for her outspoken support of the LGBTQI+ community, many people think she is heterosexual. When she successfully portrayed a non-binary lesbian character in Euphoria, she received great praise for her outstanding performance.

People were insistent that she is straight even though she played a lesbian character on television until Zendaya corrected a gendered question in an interview with Elle in late February 2021.

When Elle questioned Zendaya, “What qualities do you most admire in a man? Zendaya quickly responded, “I most like in a person; how about that? This one response suggested that she does enjoy both men and women in a general way. When Elle asked, “what is the trait you most admire in a woman? ” to emphasize the actress’s position, Zendaya responded with a heartbreaking “Well, I guess that’s the same response,” in a light-hearted way.

People were highly perplexed by Zendaya’s deep, nuanced responses as her responses set the internet on fire. People’s faith in Zendaya’s sexual orientation was therefore shaken since, by interpreting her words in light of their context, we can infer that she is either bisexual or, more likely, pansexual.

Is Zendaya Gay

History Of Zendaya’s Dating

Since coming into the public eye, Zendaya has worked hard to keep her relationship hidden. Therefore, when we consider her relationship history, she has largely been successful in keeping it hidden from those with keen eyes.

But despite her best efforts, some relationships and flings slipped through the cracks. The rumor mill is a necessary component of the Hollywood industry since everyone involved is plugged into it and cannot avoid it. The most widely reported information was that Trevor Jackson and Zendaya were dating. Even though the two vehemently rejected the allegations, they persisted in 2013.

When Zendaya freely discussed her previous relationship, which lasted for four years, her fans calculated that it must have been with Trevor Noah. When Zendaya unfollowed Trevor Noah from her Instagram and Twitter accounts, her admirers even confirmed it.

Odell Backham Jr.’s name was immediately associated with Zendaya once this rumor had, in some way, been put to rest. When the two were sighted together in 2016 at a Grammy award party and a New York Knicks game, speculations of a relationship began to circulate. But when the rumors started to cause some confusion, they both fiercely stated that they were just friends and that their current relationship did not have any more dimensions.


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The internet was also rife with the shocking rumor that Zendaya was dating her co-star in Euphoria, Jacob Elordi. The two were supposedly seen together enjoying themselves while on vacation that year. The allegations intensified when some keen-eyed individuals allegedly witnessed them sharing a passionate kiss in the charming streets of New York City. But as usual, Zendaya asserted there is nothing more to it than friendship.

Last, Tom Holland, a co-star in Spiderman: Homecoming, and Zendaya’s names appeared together. Since they both denied being together, numerous media sources published images of them sharing a kiss in a car as irrefutable evidence that they were dating.

Career Breakthrough for Zendaya

To advance her acting career, Zendaya took on numerous roles that came her way. As she eventually rose to become one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, she continued to change the landscape. Her breakthrough came in 2017 with Spider-Man: Homecoming. The movie, where she co-starred with Michael Keaton and Tom Holland, debuted with nearly $117 million in box office revenue.

Despite having little screen time, Zendaya performed an excellent job and got a lot of praise for it. Therefore, the movie set the door for her profession to become even more successful in business.


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When the 2019 season of Zendaya’s HBO drama series Euphoria debuted, it garnered even more praise. She plays a teen girl struggling with drug addiction alongside Jacob Elordi and other celebrities. She received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in recognition of her outstanding performance on the show, which was unquestionably highly applauded.

Later in the year, she returned to the Spiderman franchise, which significantly boosted her career and elevated her to the rank of the most incredible actresses.

What City Does Zendaya Live In?

The incredibly seductive actress reportedly resides in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in Oakland, California, where she was born and raised. When she rose to fame as an actress, she spent $4 million on a brand-new home in Encino, Los Angeles.

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