Texas Waffle House Brawl Goes Viral
Texas Waffle House Brawl Goes Viral

Texas Waffle House Former Employee Gives Her Side of Brawl That Went Viral

Texas Waffle House Brawl Goes Viral: A former Austin, Texas, Waffle House employee who gained online celebrity for snatching a chair thrown at her in midair last week took to social media to explain her side and claim that the franchise has banned her.

Following a video of a staff member grabbing and slapping down a chair during a brawl at one of the chain’s locations, “Waffle House” became a trending topic on Twitter last week.

The confrontation involving numerous Waffle House patrons and employees is depicted in the two-plus minute-long footage.

A Waffle House employee appears to have the quickest reflexes ever seen by a waffle pressing, pancake tossing, egg flipping “Rock Star” as customers clamber over the bar and into the kitchen area, punches fly, and sugar shakers crash.

In a self-produced YouTube video, the employee, Halie “B,” provided her account of what transpired that evening at the bright yellow structure.

Halie claimed six persons entered the restaurant on a busy night and sat in a portion that was cordoned off in the footage, which is more than 20 minutes long. She said that the consumers kept sitting there and demanded service after being informed that the area was blocked off.

Texas Waffle House Brawl Goes Viral
Texas Waffle House Brawl Goes Viral

Halie claimed to have worked intermittently for Waffle House for four years and attained the highest cook status, earning a “Rock Star” shirt. The cooks can also handle the business and serve tables like Rock Stars.

After the girls allegedly began “hollering” and ordering staff to accept their orders, Halie allegedly told the customers they could leave.

She said they had the option of leaving but requested that she, “the White girl,” prepare their meals.

As the demands increased, the tenseness intensified to the point where one of the girls, dressed in leopard print, threw cutlery, kicked plates, and kicked food, according to Halie.

“That’s money,” she said.

Then, according to Halie, she allegedly seized a sugar shaker and threw it at the woman.

“That’s how the night shift works, and it’s sad,” she said. “It’s not safe at night, so we must do what we can.”

The client jumped onto the counter and tumbled off the other side after tossing the sugar shaker. She then grabbed a chair and flung it at Halie after being taken out of the kitchen.

“I had caught it…and it bounced off my wrist,” she said.

When everyone had left the restaurant, the staff secured the doors and started cleaning.

According to Halie, the boss came in the following day to view the security footage and just wrote her up for tossing a sugar shaker.

Halie claimed that two months after the event, she chose to leave Waffle House, and when she sought to apply for a job at another establishment, she was informed that she had been placed on a blacklist.

“I was blacklisted,” she said. “I can’t ever work for Waffle House again. I tried working for another sometime earlier this year, and they found out I was blacklisted.”

And that’s even though the first retailer told her she could return whenever, according to Halie.

After the video went viral, Halie created a new Twitter account with the handle @WitchDragon5 and a page called “The Real WWendy,” or Waffle House Wendy.

Just two days ago, a GoFundMe campaign was also created with a $5,000 objective for Halie. For her to utilize “whatever she wishes,” the page had raised approximately $5,500 as of Monday.

Halie stated after her video that she had not eaten at Waffle House in roughly eight months, and that was about to change. But she gave a frank account of what happened that evening at the restaurant.

“It’s not a lot,” she said. “They were being rude, belligerent. I finished what I started. That’s it.”

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