Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner
Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner

Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner

Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner: According to reports, Ashley Olsen and her longtime partner, artist Louis Eisner, married in secret last week.

Page Six says the highly private couple kept their most recent wedding under wraps. Last Wednesday, the couple held a low-key wedding at a private residence in Bel-Air with just a few dozen guests. Even though no specific information regarding the ceremony has been made public, an insider did tell the publication that the party “went late with 50 or so individuals in total” there.

Since October 2017, Olsen and Eisner have been dating, but the fashion designer hasn’t made any remarks about their union in the media. Additionally, they appear in public very little; during their relationship, they have only walked one red carpet together.

At a celebration honoring the Young Eisner Scholars, a charity started by the artist’s father, the lawyer Eric Eisner, who earlier served as president of the David Geffen Company, they made their formal debut. Lisa Eisner, a jewelry designer and former West Coast editor of Vogue, is Eisner’s mother.

Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner
Ashley Olsen Reportedly Marries Louis Eisner

In June 2019, Olsen first ignited suspicions that she might be engaged when she was seen out with Eisner in Los Angeles for a movie and dinner. Fans noticed a new, dark band on her left ring finger even though she was sporting a comfy black sweater and matching sweatpants at the time.

The painter also uploaded a trendy Instagram shot of his girlfriend last year, showing her walking through the woods with a large machete and a glass of white wine.

After spending so much of their youth in the spotlight, Olsen and her twin sister Mary-Kate discussed why they like to keep everything about their lives private in June 2021. When asked about their label, The Row’s understated designs, Mary-Kate responded, “We were raised to be subtle people.” “I think that might just be our style, our design preference,” Ashley continued.

But that doesn’t negate that humans value extremely extravagant or maximum things. Sometimes a collection even begins just like that before being trimmed down. It doesn’t always start in such a straightforward manner.

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