Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na'vi Tribe
Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na'vi Tribe

James Cameron’s Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na’vi Tribe!

Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na’vi Tribe: James Cameron, the man behind the beloved Avatar franchise’s third entry, has revealed some big new information about Avatar: The Way of Water, including details on a brand-new Na’vi tribe and fire.

According to The Direct, James Cameron revealed that Avatar 3 will include an entirely new group of Na’vi: the Ash people in an interview with the French publication 20 Minutes. He stated: “Because I have so far only portrayed the positive aspects of the Nav’is, I want to reveal them from another perspective.

There are several inferior human examples and many excellent Na’vi’s in the early movies. The opposite will be done in Avatar 3. In addition, we will investigate new universes to continue the story of the core protagonists.”

Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na'vi Tribe
Avatar 3 Will Introduce A Fire-Based Na’vi Tribe

The filmmaker teased subsequent Avatar movies, giving fans even more cause to be anticipating them “The latter sections will be the most enjoyable, and the first ones served as an introduction and a method to set the table before the dinner was served. But obviously, everything will rely on how well received Avatar 2 is and whether it can find an audience.”

Cameron has already stated that the Avatar series will only continue if the second and third films are financially successful. He indicated that if The Way of Water is a commercial success, “scripts are already written” and “everything is designed.”

Avatar: The Way of Water Is A Success

The Avatar sequel seems to be a success so far. The movie has earned $382.6 million in domestic box office revenue as of this writing. Some believe that The Way of Water will surpass the Tom Cruise-led action sequel globally, even though it is still lagging Maverick at home. The worldwide gross for the Avatar sequel recently reached $1.1 billion, while Maverick, which debuted in May, is already at $1.5 billion.

However, The Way of Water isn’t going well worldwide. The movie performed far less than anticipated at the Chinese box office, earning only $100 million after two weeks in theaters instead of the projected $357 million.

This is partly because of the quickly increasing COVID-19 pandemic in the nation, which has negatively affected social gatherings and other activities like movies. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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