Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview
Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview

Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview Got A Little Saucy!

Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview: Undoubtedly, Colin Farrell had a fantastic year in 2022. He deserves every honor for The Banshees of Inisherin (and any he gets for The Batman, After Yang, and Thirteen Lives). Even Emma Thompson isn’t doing too badly. She received acclaim for her performance as a lonely woman who enjoyed the company of a young sex worker in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, last year.

In the 2013 movie Saving Mr. Banks, which was about the production of the movie Mary Poppins, the two appeared on screen together, though regrettably not in identical sequences. But in a recent conversation, it became evident that they get along to the point where things became risqué.

The two discussed the similarities between their two characters, who both suffer from loneliness. It becomes pretty heavy (in a lovely way).

Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview
Colin Farrell And Emma Thompson Interview

However, the two understood how to lighten the seriousness with humor and even some lewdness. Thompson abruptly and radically changes the subject after Farrell describes how lockdown “forced an aloneness on those who had never experienced aloneness before”:

Thompson: Are you having good sex at the moment, Col?

Farrell: What, love?Thompson: I said, are you having good sex at the moment?

Farrell: Oh, God. That’s a different Zoom, darling. Email me.

It wasn’t the first time they heated their conversation. When questioned about their initial encounter, Thompson had pleasant memories of it.

Thompson: I think there were two things before we started shooting. You and I had a dinner together, just the two of us, in a little restaurant and I remember you were looking very-

Farrell: Scruffy?

Thompson: Sexy. You had your shirt undone. I think you had one button undone that was, I felt, going a little far.

Another time, Farrell was just amusingly open about his early drug use. While referring to it as “Scott Frank‘s thriller,” Thompson recalled first seeing him in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report but can’t remember the film’s official title. (The Queen’s Gambit author co-wrote the screenplay.) But when Thompson inquired as to its name, he was unable to respond:

Farrell: F*ck. I should know that, shouldn’t I?

Thompson: Jesus, you were in the f*cking thing!

Farrell: I blame drugs!

The two had a pleasant conversation in which they shared their isolation and smallness. At one point, Thompson reflects on how “unbearable” it was to see Farrell’s charming nincompoop character in Inisherin be gradually robbed of his blissfully naive happiness, saying, “We’re just here for a little, then we die, and we’re gone.” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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