How Tall Is Shania Twain
How Tall Is Shania Twain

How Tall Is Shania Twain? Where Did She Grow Up?

How Tall Is Shania Twain: Singer-songwriter Eilleen Regina “Shania” Twain is from Canada. She is the best-selling female performer in country music history and one of the best-selling musicians of all time, with over 100 million records sold. She received many titles due to her fame, including “Queen of Country Pop.” She was ranked first among the country-pop crossover stars of the 1990s by Billboard.

Twain, who was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, started as a singer and songwriter before signing with Mercury Nashville Records in the early 1990s. When it was released in 1993, her self-titled debut studio album was a critical and commercial flop.

How Tall Is Shania Twain?

Despite being 163 centimeters tall and 5 feet 4 inches tall, she only weighs 119 pounds or 54 kg. Her dark-colored hair contrasts with her hazel eyes.

Where Did Shania Twain Grow Up?

On August 28, 1965, Eilleen Regina Edwards, now known as Shania Twain, was born in Windsor, Ontario. When she was two years old, her parents, Sharon and Clarence Edwards, divorced, and her mother took her three girls to Timmins, Ontario. Jerry Twain, who Sharon married, formally adopted the girls and gave them his surname.

How Tall Is Shania Twain
How Tall Is Shania Twain

Twain has stated that she had a challenging upbringing due to their parents’ meager income and the lack of food in their home. Shania frequently saw violence between her mother and stepfather because their relationship was tense.

When Did Shania Twain Start Her Career?

Following the dissolution of Longshot, Twain played in the cover band Flirt and traveled across Ontario with them while studying voice with Toronto voice teacher Ian Garrett. She caught the attention of Toronto DJ Stan Campbell, who brought her to Nashville to record demos despite her lack of money.

Mary Bailey, a local country singer who loved Shania’s voice, became her friend. While living under a recording contract, Twain moved into Bailey’s home, where she continued producing demos and practicing her music for hours daily. John Kim Bell, who had ties to the Canadian Country Music Association, was someone she met. They started dating in secret.

Shania appeared at a gala Bell organized in 1987, giving her a big break. Shania’s mother and stepfather sadly perished in a vehicle accident on November 1st, 1987. She shelved her singing career and returned home to look after her younger siblings.

She supported them by performing at the Deerhurst Resort in Ontario. After her siblings had gone out on their own a few years later, she put together a demo tape that attracted the interest of many record labels, including Mercury Nashville Records. In a short period, they signed her.


In 1993, Shania released “Shania Twain,” her debut album. This album wasn’t a big hit when it was first published, but as her subsequent albums propelled her to superstardom, it finally sold one million copies. Her popularity and listeners outside of Canada increased thanks to the album.

Even though the album only peaked at No. 67 on the US Country Albums Chart, reviews for it were generally favorable. The CD was popular in Europe, where Twain received the Rising Video Star of the Year Award from Country Music TV Europe.

The Woman in Me, Shania’s 1995 album, catalyzed her career. 4 million copies of this record were sold in its first year of availability, and ultimately 12 million copies were sold. Hits like “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” “You Win My Love” and “No One Needs to Know” were featured on “The Woman in Me.” The record won Album of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Grammy for Best Country Album.

After selling more than 40 million copies worldwide, her subsequent album, 1997’s “Come On Over,” became the best-selling studio album of all time by a female act in any genre and the best-selling country album of all time. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “You’re Still the One,” two of her most well-known songs to date, were on this album.

Four Grammy Awards, including Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance, were given to the album, which remained at the top of the charts for two years. The songs gained more recognition in Europe, and in the summer of 1999, “That Don’t Impress Me Much” peaked at No. 3 in the UK and reached the Top 10 in Germany.

Furthermore, “You’ve Got a Way” was remixed and included in the “Notting Hill” soundtrack. In 1999, Shania was ranked as the artist with the most radio airplay by Billboard. In 1998, she started her first significant headlining concert tour.


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After a two-year break, Shania returned in 2002 with the album “Up!” It went on to sell more than 20 million copies globally. Her 2017 album “Now” debuted at the top of the charts for the Billboard Hot 100, US Country, and Canada.

What Is Happening In Shania Twain’s Personal Life?

In 1993, Shania met legendary producer Mutt Lange. Later that year, they married and had a kid in 2001. It was discovered in 2008 that Mutt had an affair with Marie-Anne Thiebaud, Shania’s best friend. In June 2010, they divorced after divorcing. Shania and businessman Frederic Thiebaud, Marie-ex-husband, Anne, got engaged in December 2010! 2011 saw their January nuptials.

Shania has lived in Switzerland for a very long time. She also has residences in Florida, the Bahamas, New Zealand, and New York. She formerly owned Mahu Whenua, a sprawling luxury resort in New Zealand with rooms that rent for up to $15,000 PER NIGHT and several acres of land. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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