Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla's Crypto Scam Allegations
Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla's Crypto Scam Allegations

Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla’s Crypto Scam Allegations: Crypto Zoo Explained

Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla’s Crypto Scam Allegations: As a result of fellow YouTuber Steven “Coffeezilla” Findeisen calling his most recent Crypto Zoo NFT project a “scam,” social media star Logan Paul has vowed to file a lawsuit.

According to Dexerto, the YouTube journalist created a three-part series for his channel that focuses on Paul and his NFT game Crypto Zoo, also known as CryptoZoo.

Following the series premiere, the pair started arguing on social media. Paul has since made a YouTube defense of himself against the criticism.

Crypto Zoo Explained

Crypto Zoo is an “independent ecosystem that allows ‘ZooKeepers’ to purchase, sell, and trade exotic creatures and hybrids,” according to the game’s official website.

In the NFT game Crypto Zoo, players can purchase egg NFTs with in-game currency known as “zoo coins.” Players can breed the animals they hatch from the eggs to make hybrids.

Recent post:

The most uncommon animals produced get more zoo money per day. Players can make money playing the game by selling their zoo coins for real money.

The Mirror alleges that some consumers who purchased NFTs were left hundreds of dollars in the hole even though the game was never ultimately released.

Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla's Crypto Scam Allegations
Logan Paul Responds To Coffeezilla’s Crypto Scam Allegations

According to the game’s website, “upgrades to the core infrastructure of the ecosystem” are now taking place. Logan Paul just shared a video promoting the software update for Crypto Zoo, saying it will be available “in 2023/4.”

Coffeezilla charges Logan Paul With Crypto Zoo Scam

In his videos, Steven “Coffeezilla” Findeisen exposes con artists. He now claims that users of Crypto Zoo have been defrauded.

People who claimed to have played Crypto Zoo but had not been successful in hatching their eggs to produce uncommon NFTs were questioned by Findeisen. Paul refuted these assertions, saying, “one second of study would show that to be wrong.”

An older clip of Logan Paul from one of Coffeezilla’s films claims the creator of Crypto Zoo “fled to Switzerland” with the source code and “kept it, hostage for $1 million.”

The alleged game developer in Coffeezilla’s video asserts that he wasn’t compensated for his work on Crypto Zoo. In contrast, a second developer says he hasn’t yet received payment.

Logan Paul Discusses Coffeezilla’s Complaints

In response to the allegations, Logan Paul has posted a seven-minute video to his YouTube page. Paul challenges Coffeezilla’s claims in the video and issues a legal warning.

See his response after the break:

The reporter is charged with making “genuine errors with genuine implications,” according to Paul. The YouTube celebrity also claims Findeisen never contacted him for comment before the show’s debut. He volunteered to interview Findeisen about the circumstance on his Impulsive show.

Paul said in his last statement that his legal counsel had prevented him from explicitly addressing some of the claims. “We’re going to handle this ourselves while we continue to create Crypto Zoo,” he says, “and I’ll see you in court.”

Logan Paul responded. Findeisen tweeted in response to Paul’s remarks: “Logan Paul responded. [Too Long, Didn’t Watch]; no regrets, no mention of the victims, and no responsibility.

Logan claims I didn’t get in touch with him until December 24, 2022, but he doesn’t mention that I did so via Instagram more than a year earlier.

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