Prince Harry Calls Autobiography 'Spare'
Prince Harry Calls Autobiography 'Spare'

Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry Calls Autobiography ‘Spare’

Prince Harry Calls Autobiography ‘Spare’: In his eagerly anticipated book, Spare, the Duke of Sussex has made many shocking claims. Harry’s autobiography was unintentionally published five days early in Spain, and HELLO! was able to secure a copy of the publication.

The Guardian newspaper had already published previously leaked excerpts from Harry’s book, in which he describes a physical altercation with his older brother, Prince William, at Nottingham Cottage in 2019. Harry claims in yet another leaked passage made public by Page Six that William and Kate supposedly gave their approval for him to show up to a 2005 costume party wearing a Nazi uniform.

Revelations include:

  • The moment Prince Harry was given the news of Prince Philip’s death
  • Prince Harry brands Prince William his ‘arch-nemesis.’
  • Harry’s last conversation with the Queen before her death
  • Prince William and Princess Kate were fans of Suits
  • Heartbreaking details about when Harry learned of Diana’s death
  • Harry believed Diana was in hiding for years
  • The royal brothers asked their father not to marry Camilla
  • His admission of taking cocaine at the age of 17
  • Accuses Camilla of leaking stories to the press

Only three black-and-white images are included in the book’s 557 pages, split into three sections. In the first segment, titled The Night That Surrounds Me, Harry can be seen hugging his late mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry Calls Autobiography 'Spare'
Prince Harry Calls Autobiography ‘Spare’

A picture of Prince Harry in uniform offering a military salute can be seen in the second section, “Bloodied, but not down,” while a picture of Harry and his wife Meghan hugging can be found in the third chapter, “Captain of my soul.”

A dedication at the start reads: “For Meg, Archie and Lili… and of course, my mother.”

Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace have declined to respond to inquiries about the book.

The Queen’s Personal Phone Call To Announce The Death of Prince Philip

In the opening chapter of his autobiography, Harry describes the painful moment when his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, informed him that his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, had passed away.

He says he woke up to 32 missed calls at his US residence.

The Duke was one of the 30 people present during the funeral service for Prince Philip at Windsor in April 2021. At that time, there was a rigorous cap on the number of attendees due to lockdown constraints.

Prince Harry Calls Prince William His ‘Arch-Nemesis’

Harry refers to William as his “loving brother and arch-nemesis” in one book excerpt.

When asked about the comment from a segment of an interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, the Duke replied: “Weirdly, there has always been competition between us. I believe that the “heir/spare” actually benefit from or constantly performs that role.”

Prince Harry Details Last Conversation With The Queen

The Duke talks about his final conversation with his deceased grandma four days before her passing in lovely and moving details. Harry claims he spoke with the Queen on the phone while she was on vacation at Balmoral. Harry was already in the UK at the time and was residing at Frogmore Cottage.

They talked about the commotion at Downing Street, the Braemar Games, which the Queen intended to attend. Still, they were unable to, and the unusually severe drought in the UK, with Harry making a joke about how the grass looked like his head with spots of baldness.

Prince William And Princess Kate Were Fans of Suits

The Duke of Sussex described the reactions of his sister-in-law Princess Kate and brother-in-law, Prince William, to learning that he would be going on a date with Meghan Markle.

The royal couple were “huge fans” of Suits and couldn’t believe Harry was going out with one of the show’s leading ladies.

Prince Harry On The Moment He Learned of His Mother Diana’s Death

Harry discusses the heartbreaking moment he learned of his mother’s passing in his memoir. Princess Diana sadly perished in a vehicle accident in Paris in August 1997.

The Prince, who was 12 years old at the time, recalls that his father Charles called him “dear son” and sat on the edge of his bed while he explained that a vehicle accident had occurred and that Diana had not fully recovered from her injuries.

Harry claims that his father did not hug or cause him to cry; instead, he placed his hand on Harry’s knee and reassured him that everything would be alright. He understood that Charles had already informed William, his brother.

Prince Harry Believed Princess Diana Was In Hiding For Years After Her Death

The Duke claims that after his mother’s sad demise, he believed she was hiding for years.

In one excerpt, he writes that after his older brother skipped a yearly ski trip to Klosters because he detested posing for pictures, he confessed his feelings to William. Harry believes William assured him he shared Harry’s beliefs.

Prince Harry Didn’t Want King Charles And Camilla To Marry

Harry disclosed that he and his brother had requested that their father not wed Camilla. The Duke shared his initial thoughts on his stepmother, calling her “calm or bored” and expressing his worries that she would be like an “evil stepmother,” though he later conceded that she wasn’t.

The brothers claimed to “welcome” Camilla after their meeting, but Harry said they had both asked Charles, not to wed her.

Prince Harry Took Cocaine When He Was 17

Harry reveals in a candid moment that he used cocaine and that a reporter had threatened to publish a picture of him doing it.

He recounted that when he was 17 and on a hunting trip, he was offered a line following the passing of the Queen Mother. Furthermore, he described how a journalist threatened to reveal it by threatening to publish a picture of the Duke before confessing that no such concept existed.

Prince Harry Accuses Camilla of Leaking Stories To The Press

In one of the most shocking excerpts, the Duke accuses Angela Kelly and his stepmother of leaking information to the media, including specifics of a hunting trip he had in Germany.

Additionally, Harry says that the Prince of Wales confronted her in front of him and that he had William’s support.

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