Morphe Will Close All 20
Morphe Will Close All 20

Morphe Will Close All 20 of Its Stores in the United States

Morphe Will Close All 20: Morphe makeup, a company well-known for its collaborations with social media stars, announced Friday that it would be closing all of its U.S. outlets.

Customers can still buy Morphe products online, at specific retailers, and in open Morphe shops abroad, the company said in a statement released on Twitter on Friday. About 20 U.S. outlets were listed on the Morphe website on Friday, with nearly ten being in California alone.

In a tweet, Morphe stated, “We have made the difficult decision to close all Morphe sites in the U.S. We will always be grateful for the zeal, talent, and dedication of the personnel at our stores.

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Morphe has already worked with social media celebrities James Charles and Jeffree Star, which has aided their rise to fame. However, Morphe terminated ties with both after Charles was charged with sexual assault in 2021, and Star was accused of using racial slurs in 2020.

Bloomberg reports that these collaborations enabled the corporation to earn $400 million in sales in 2019, revenue declined in 2021 after the company terminated ties with internet celebrities.

According to the New York Times, Morphe reintegrated its operations under Forma Companies in 2020. It would also purchase other beauty brands to add to its portfolio and create its cosmetics.

Then, Forma Brands showcased its most recent offerings, including Morphe 2, Such Good Everything, and Bad Habit, a skincare line led by Emma Chamberlain, an internet star.

The New York Times reports that Chamberlain is no longer connected to Bad Habit and that vitamin and supplement label Such Good Everything no longer runs advertisements on its website.

Ulta Beauty and Target advertise that they continue to stock Morphe products on their websites.

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