photo of wren and martin
photo of wren and martin

Photo of Wren and Martin’s Old Edition Goes Viral, Internet Gets Nostalgic

Photo of Wren and Martin: How many of you used Wren & Martin while you were students? It is recognized as one of the nation’s most prestigious publications for mastering the English language’s finer points. Before each exam, several students used the book to sharpen their English language abilities. It is hardly surprising that the book is still widely available in homes. The Wren & Martin High School English Grammar With Composition Book typically has 400 pages and a red cover.

An old copy of Wren & Martin’s Grammar & Composition Reference Book was posted on Twitter by a user. “Anyone remember this?” was the image’s caption, written by Shekhar Iyer. Since it was shared, this tweet has had 1.9 lakh views and more than 4,000 likes.

Have a peek at;

“How could I forget? I have such wonderful recollections of reading this book to study for examinations. Does it still exist?” a user said.

Another user added, “Since 1935, serving the world.

It’s still required at ICSE schools in Patna, a third user said.

A user who shared his experience wrote: “On my Dad’s insistence, during summer vacation, just after graduating from high school, I studied it in full and then solved all exercises and self-evaluated using the Key to W & M.. and am grateful that he had put me to it and consider that summer as one that was spent well.”

Additionally, several people shared copies of the well-known grammar book. When sharing the item, one user added the following comment: “Bought for 30Rs from Lucknow in 1991.”

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