First Trailer For Nicolas Cage's 'Renfield'
First Trailer For Nicolas Cage's 'Renfield'

Watch First Trailer For Nicolas Cage’s ‘Renfield’

Nicholas Hoult plays the title character in Renfield, the tortured valet of Nicolas Cage’s Dracula. Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, and Adrian Martinez also appear in minor roles.

The movie is a contemporary parody of the Dracula law by Bram Stoker. Renfield observes how Dracula’s obedient follower is transformed into a patient ant-hero. The anguished assistant to Dracula, history’s most egotistical boss, is portrayed by Hoult as Renfield (Cage).

Universal Pictures give the traditional pairing of these two characters in a horror film a fresh interpretation. Viewers will witness the ultimate violation of work/life balance in the movie when Renfield is made to catch his master’s prey and carry out his commands.

First Trailer For Nicolas Cage's 'Renfield'
First Trailer For Nicolas Cage’s ‘Renfield’

The film’s brilliant cast is highlighted in the trailer, which features Hoult as a shattered and hopeless Renfield attending group therapy. As the video continues, Renfield is forced to use the abilities Dracula gave him to halt the murder of police officer Rebecca Quincy as he is caught up in a theft (Awkwafina).

As Cage’s Dracula makes an appearance during the group therapy session, the sneak peek concludes in a way that is both humorous and dramatic. Members of the therapy group are left speechless as they watch Renfield crouching on the ground as his master soars into the air.

The film is written by Ryan Ridley, whose previous work includes Rick & Morty and Ghosted, and is directed by Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War, The LEGO Batman Movie). Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible, came up with the original idea for the movie.

Renfield is the most recent development in Cage’s Hollywood comeback, which has seen the actor praised for parts in everything from Mandy to The Unbearable Weight Of Talent. In addition to playing Hank/Beast like in the Fox X-Men series movies, Hoult has recently taken on more serious roles in The Banker and Those Who Wish Me Dead thanks to his experience on the big screen.

In April, Renfield is scheduled to open in theaters in the UK.

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