New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis
New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis Still Won’t Blame Biden

New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis: Mayor Eric Adams warned Wednesday that the escalating immigration crisis could bankrupt New York City, but he incessantly avoided placing the responsibility on President Biden’s lax border policies.

Adams claimed there were “actual cash figures” associated with the state of emergency he announced in October. Adams has requested the federal government for $1 billion to pay for migrant housing and services.

“This is an expensive endeavor that we are in, and we have to find ways of carrying out this task without bankrupting the city,” he said.

Adams said that other officials and the deputy mayor for health and human services were “constantly meeting to pivot, shift, and figure out how to solve this issue that was placed on us” during an unrelated news conference in Brooklyn.

However, when two reporters mentioned Biden in their inquiries, Hizzoner refused to say the name of his fellow 80-year-old Democrat.

“Listen, it’s simple to criticize whoever is in the White House at the time because we need to tackle the immigration and migration problem. That is a bandage. In answer to a query from The Post, he stated, “We have an issue at our borders.

New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis
New York City Mayor On Migrant Crisis

“And so when I say the federal government, I’m talking about Congress and the executive branch resolving this issue of our migrants. And we’re not going to try to simplify this.”

After revealing the previous day that he had learned Democratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis was “going to be sending migrants to cities like New York City and Chicago,” Adams made his remarks.

There isn’t any more room at the inn, Adams continued, calling the action “unfair to local governments.”

Later, Polis informed Politico that weeks before a recent storm causing a bottleneck in Denver, he had already started transferring migrants from his state.

Adams reaffirmed on Wednesday what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Tuesday, calling Polis’ actions “inhumane.”

After speaking with Lightfoot on Tuesday, according to Adams, who said that Lightfoot told him, “Eric, you know we have been a little too patient, but, you know, we can’t do anything to shame our families,” Adams launched his attack. However, the moment has come to start doing that.

A Polis official did not immediately answer an inquiry for comment.

According to the most recent official figures, over 24,000 migrants were being kept in 68 emergency shelters and processing centers as of Sunday. Since the spring, around 35,700 migrants have poured into New York City.

The $800 million in migrant help was added last month to the $1.7 billion federal spending proposal Biden signed on Thursday while on vacation in St. Croix, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Schumer suggested at the time that New York City might apply for some of the funds. Still, City Hall has officially requested $1 billion from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and claimed it hasn’t yet received any funding.

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