Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot
Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot

Why Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot?

Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot: Moroccan- Following rumors that at least ten people had been hurt in a gunshot during the filming of his music video, American rapper French Montana issued his first statement on Saturday.
The Independent claims that the incident occurred outside The Licking in Miami Gardens on Thursday as Mr. Montana was filming a music video.

The police claimed that an altercation that began somewhere else eventually ended at the restaurant where the shooting occurred. Around ten people were hurt; six were flown and ground transferred to the hospital, while four went there independently. There were no reported fatalities.

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Why Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot?

When the event occurred, Mr. Montana tweeted, “I was in Miami last night with pals to celebrate the release of my CB6 mixtape. Unfortunately, when an incident resulted in injuries, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are currently thinking of and praying for the victims and their families.”

According to NBC News, the robbery was seen by local MC Ced Mogul at a video shoot going on behind a nearby KFC. The shooting continued to The Licking, where up to 10 people, including Rob49 of New Orleans, were shot.

“Our thoughts are with the victims of this senseless act, and our hearts are heavy. We were unaware that a video was being made until we learned at the last minute that French Montana was filming a scene in the rear parking lot.

We don’t know what exactly happened. The Licking restaurant has provided authorities with the required footage despite having no connection to the incident. “According to The Independent, The Licking made a statement.

Is Police Looking For More Information As They Continue To Investigate The Incident?

During what witnesses claimed was a video shoot for French Montana on Thursday night (Jan. 5), gunfire broke out outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida, injuring ten people. If featured three different crime scenes—the other two were unidentified at press time—Miami Gardens Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units responded to reports of shots fired at The Licking Gardens.

Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot
Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot

The incident involved “several bullets… many cases,” according to 7News, with four patients reportedly being taken to a nearby trauma center and four others drove themselves to a hospital. MGPD detective Diana Gorge confirmed Thursday night that officers were still working the site. Witnesses informed police that gunfire broke out as Montana filmed a music video outside The Licking.

According to one observer, they arrived to see Montana’s film creation when another spectator is believed to have had his watch, keys, and wallet stolen. Local rapper Ced Mogul, a witness, stated, “[He asked to] call his mother and see if we can get spare car keys and make sure, you know, he’s OK, and then the gunshots went out.” “There were at least 13, 14, 15. It moved quickly and made an assault rifle-like noise.

According to 7News, it was unclear at press time whether someone fired into the crowd or if there was a gunfight. “I started running and looked back, but I thought, “You know what? Let me duck first, and after that, I started getting “Can you assist me?” questions from individuals. Said, Mogul. “When I saw individuals calling out for assistance, I realized you could do nothing when you were shot.”

According to NBC6, Rob49, a rapper from New Orleans, was one of the victims in an altercation that began at another location but concluded there.

Although it appears that Montana was unharmed in the shooting, it was unclear where he was at the time of the shooting at the time of publication.

A spokesperson for Montana could not be reached, and the Miami-Dade Police Department’s public information officer had not responded to a request for an update on the investigation. According to a witness, after gunfire broke out, Montana’s security crew hurried the MC out of the location safely and without incident, according to TMZ.

Additionally, Mogul provided a local NBC affiliate with a clip he claimed showed Montana trying on several outfits while sitting in the backseat of a car while sporting a red shirt. The clip was purportedly shot immediately before the incident.

On Friday morning (Jan. 6), Montana released Coke Boys 6, the newest installment of his enduring Coke Boys series, which features cameo appearances from A$AP Rocky, Benny the Butcher, Kodak Black, Max B, King Combs, Est Gee, Jeremih, and others. The rapper advertised the mixtape on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday morning, but it didn’t appear that he had said anything about the shooting at the time of publication.

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