Who Is Eric Adams Wife
Who Is Eric Adams Wife

Who Is Eric Adams Wife? What Does the Wife of Eric Adams Do for a Living?

Who Is Eric Adams’s Wife? The most recent Eric interview with The Point has caused this question to surface. American politician and former police captain Eric Leroy Adams. He has served as New York City’s 110th mayor since January 1, 2022.

For more than 20 years, Adams worked as a police officer, first for the New York City Transit Police and then for the New York City Police Department. He left his career as a captain. We’re all familiar with him, but what about his wife?

Who is Eric Adams’ wife? It will be clearly illustrated for you in this text. Please read the entire story to learn more about his wife.

Who is Eric Adams’s Wife?

At this time, Eric Adams had never been married to a woman. Nevertheless, he is dating a lovely woman. Adams’ current girlfriend is Tracey Collins, the Senior Youth Development Director for the New York City Department of Education.

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As the domestic partner of Mayor Eric Adams, Collins, an American novelist and educator, holds the title of the de facto first lady of New York City. Collins grew up with four sisters, several nieces, and several nephews after being born into a large family in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to Adams’ 2020 vegan lifestyle book, Collins “gets up at daybreak to administer the largest school system in the United States” and works around “12 hours a day.” She always seems to be working. Have you received any answers to your inquiry about Eric Adams’ wife? Otherwise, scroll down and read the entire article.

Eric Adams: Is There a Child?

Adams has never been married, although he and his ex-girlfriend Christina Coleman share a child, Jordan Coleman. Adams’ lone child, Jordan Coleman, is a performer and director. He is well known for playing Tyrone in seasons two and three of The Backyardigans. Jordan also made an appearance in Payin’ the Price, a 2011 movie.

He completed his film and media arts studies at the School of Communications at American University. Tyrone, the Moose’s voice on The Backyardigans on Nickelodeon, was given by Coleman. Tyrone was a character he played in 34 episodes of the second and third seasons of the show.

He played Smiley Johnson in Payin’ the Price (2011). The movie won the HBO Best Feature Film category at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival.

Who Is Eric Adams Wife-

What Does the Wife of Eric Adams Do for a Living?

A former elementary school principal, Collins serves as the senior director for youth development for the New York City Department of Education. Collins was in charge of Fully Persuaded in Brooklyn from its founding in 2007 until its closing in 2015.

Throughout Adams’ successful run for mayor of New York, Collins maintained a low profile. She didn’t go with Adams to his victory party or on the campaign trail. Collins spends her weekends in the apartment she shares with Adams in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

During the 2021 race for mayor of New York City, this apartment was debated as rival candidates contended that Adams regularly resided there. She is not Eric Adams’ wife, but they have been in love for a very long time.


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Tracey Collins Wrote Sweet Promptings

Adams, a Brooklyn state senator at the time, provided the preface to the inspirational book “Sweet Promptings,” for which Collins wrote the introduction.

According to Collins, a former teacher, and principal in New Orleans and New York City, “scholars are lifelong learners who grow smarter, wiser, and kinder every day.” In her book, she talks about impromptu gestures of compassion.

According to Collins, she decided to lend a single mother her old car “so [the woman] could get her children to school, their place of worship, and get to work with some degree of sanity herself.”

The car was provided to her out of genuine care for her happiness and well-being, which would also affect her family rather than out of pity. Adams’ preface states that a portion of the book’s sales was donated to Collins’ hometown’s hurricane Katrina victims.

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