Why Did Pentatonix Break Up? Watch His Emotional Goodbye Video

Did Pentatonix Break Up: Avi Kaplan gave notice of his departure from the a cappella group Pentatonix in a moving video released on Friday. Kaplan acknowledged that the choice had been difficult for him for some time and thanked the audience for their support over the last six years.

Kaplan continued by saying that PTX’s success is primarily a result of their quick-paced engagements and that, during his time with the group, he had struggled to deal with the inability to visit his friends and family when he needed to. He also expressed his best wishes to the other two of the now four-person group.

He declared, “I believe in what we do and what they will do. “I could never in any way hinder their achievement. Never, ever would I desire it.

Kaplan, who sang bass for the band, declared he would keep writing songs. The singer fought back the tears as he conveyed his desire for their fans to comprehend his decision to follow his heart. He continued by saying that he would still play on their upcoming tour dates.

Did Pentatonix Break Up
Did Pentatonix Break Up

Pentatonix performed tribute acts on numerous award events and won season 3 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” Following their stint on “The Voice,” for which they won their third Grammy for best country duo/group performance in 2017, they collaborated with Dolly Parton on her timeless song “Jolene,” which quickly gained a large following.

The group’s mezzo-soprano, Kirstin Maldonado, is reportedly working on a solo EP at the group’s company, RCA Records, according to a source with Variety. On the Helena Legend song “Dose of You,” which is credited as “Helena Legend x Kirstin (TM),” she contributed guest vocals.

Maldonado then updated her social media handles to reflect the track’s name, Kirstin(TM). Maldonado hasn’t made any official announcements about his latest work, though. Uncertainty exists around whether Maldonado’s solo work might indicate the departure of yet another group member.

Check out Pentatonix’s Facebook page or the video below.

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