Jordan Ellisor Accident: Did Jordan Ellisor Died In A Car Accident?

Jordan Ellisor Accident: Although it was your 19th birthday today, I’ll never forget the young child who used to play football with me on every holiday and sit on my lap. Even if you’re an adult, I’ll always think of you as that young person. I’m pleased to see how far you’ve come since then. Life occasionally acts unreasonably. The lives of the great are snatched from us far too soon after they have accomplished so much in their domains, while the lives of the evil are so much longer.

Jordan Ellisor, you will always hold a unique and vital place in my heart. I hope you can comfort me that you will soon see me again in the interim. You, Stacey, and her family have my sincere condolences for having to go through this loss. In the heavenly realm, he was required. You are correct; the situation is unfair, and we fail to see why. I will ask God to bless each of you in prayer.

He was so fantastic that even on the worst days, he could make everyone around him smile. If he entered a room, it would suddenly become brighter just because he was there. He always had a smile on his face, and we shall remember him and cherish him for as long as time and eternity permit.

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