Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin
Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin

Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin: Why Is The Texas Republican Party Opposing It?

Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin: ATLANTA (KXAN) – The Texas Legislature will reconvene on Tuesday for the first time since 2021. It meets for 140 days every other year. KXAN wants to prepare Central Texans for what is coming when they head back to the State Capitol.

Tuesday at midnight, the 88th regular legislative session will get underway. It will end on May 29 — also known as “sine die.” After that time, Governor Greg Abbott may summon special sessions, which are limited to 30 days by law. Additionally, he has sole discretion over the matters that the state legislature will discuss in a special session.

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Are They Looking Forward To The 2023 Texas Legislative Session?

The first 30 days of a regular session in Texas are “dedicated to the introduction of bills and resolutions, acting upon emergency appropriations, passing upon the confirmation of the Governor’s recess appointees, and such emergency matters as may be submitted by the Governor in special messages to the Legislature,” according to the Texas Constitution.

The Constitution states that “different committees of each House shall hold hearings to evaluate all bills and resolutions and other items then outstanding, and such emergency matters as may be submitted by the Governor” over the ensuing 30 days.

This year, the 60-day filing deadline for measures will be March 10 for state senators and representatives.

House Speaker Vote:

The 150 Texas House of Representatives members will elect one of their own as speaker of the house on the first day of the next legislative session.

What Were The Length Of Past Texas Legislative Sessions And The Average Number Of Bills Passed?

Texas residents shouldn’t anticipate the same kind of drama and complication that went into choosing the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, according to political investigative writer Lauren McGaughy of The Dallas Morning News. After an unprecedented 15 votes in Congress, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, finally received enough support to assume the speakership late Friday night.

Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin
Texas Legislative Session Begins In Austin

The speaker and the lieutenant governor, who oversees the Texas Senate, will ask the two legislative bodies to establish the ground rules for the session before anything else. The Texas Constitution specifies some procedures, but if approved by a majority of the members in both chambers, more rules may be added.

The members “grant the speaker the authority to appoint the membership of each standing committee, subject to regulations on seniority, and to designate the chair and vice chair for each committee,” according to the Texas House of Representatives website.

Subject to the committee jurisdictions specified in the rules, the law requires the speaker to refer all proposed legislation to the committee. Following the regulations, the speaker is also permitted to name conference committees, establish select committees, and give committee instructions to carry out interim studies when the legislature is not in session.

Why Is The Texas Republican Party Opposing It?

A day before the session starts, it is still unknown what the governor will include on his list of legislative objectives. Abbott is the only person, according to McGaughy, who can suggest urgent issues for lawmakers to discuss in the early weeks of the session. Though the timeframe could alter based on what the governor would like to accomplish, she anticipates that he will reveal things in a few weeks.

Will Texas Forecast Record Revenue And A $33 Billion Surplus Over The Next Two Years?

However, Abbott left some hints that these urgent needs would involve paying for property tax relief with money from the record budget surplus. It was revealed on Monday by the Texas Comptroller’s Office that the sum is believed to be $32.7 billion.

Border money and border security may also be discussed, according to McGaughy. Although state tax money can be used to transfer funds, this is primarily a national concern. We already have Operation Lone Star, which has been working to secure the Texas-Mexico border for many months.

The governor may once more propose allocating state funds to it because he made it clear throughout his recent reelection campaign that border security was one of his top priorities.

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