Prince Harry's Interview With Stephen Colbert
Prince Harry's Interview With Stephen Colbert

Prince Harry’s Interview With Stephen Colbert!

Prince Harry’s Interview With Stephen Colbert: On Tuesday, January 10, the Duke of Sussex visited The Late Show to promote his new book Spare, have tequila shots with Stephen Colbert, and participate in a hilarious comedy with Tom Hanks.

In the most recent stop on his media tour, Prince Harry discussed his strained relationship with his older brother Prince William, what he remembers most about his late grandmother, The Queen, and how he had frostbite in a very embarrassing place while visiting the North Pole.

For some of the interview’s most significant moments, keep reading. You can read the entire, more extended interview here.

Tom Hanks upstages Harry!

The evening began with a lighthearted comedy in which two trumpeters and the program’s special guests were welcomed with a red carpet.

Colbert moved Harry aside to make room for Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, so the excitement wasn’t for Harry.

Harry Does Tequila Shots

Are you interested in a cocktail before we start? At the start of the interview, Colbert questioned.

Harry responded without hesitation, “Yes, please,” as the late-night host pulled out a bottle of tequila and two glasses.

Harry Reveals His Nicknames

The late-night host pondered how to address the Duke of Sussex when the prince sat down at the table with him. Prince or Harry? Duke?

Prince Harry's Interview With Stephen Colbert
Prince Harry’s Interview With Stephen Colbert

It turns out that Harry also goes by the nicknames “Baz,” “Bazza,” and “Bazarooni,” which are all more intriguing.

Harry Shares “Frostnip” Story

Colbert inquired about the frozen penis anecdote, prompting Harry to joke, “We’ve gone quite a leap from sadness and trauma to my todger.”

Harry told how the incident occurred when traveling to the North Pole, saying, “It didn’t turn into an icicle.” He claimed he was fully outfitted and equipped except for one item. The audience laughed as he said, “What I didn’t have was a c**k cushion.”

Harry Shows Colbert the Necklace William Broke

The book’s portrayal of a fight that purportedly occurred between Harry and William is one of the most discussed passages. Harry said that William destroyed his necklace during the altercation.

The prince showed Colbert his newly-fixed necklace, which included charms donated to him by Botswana friends and pendants representing his children’s heartbeats.

Harry Admits to Watching The Crown

Harry said that he had seen old and new episodes of The Crown when asked what TV shows he is currently viewing.

Do you verify the facts while you watch it? Colbert enquired. The Duke mimed taking notes, then laughed as he said, “Yes, I do.”

Harry Loves Living in America

Following his remarks about leaving the UK because of the pressure from the British media, Harry praised his life with his wife, Meghan Markle, in the United States.

“We’ve created a fantastic life in California, which is beautiful,” he said. “And America is a great place to live.”

Harry Reveals What He’ll Remember About The Queen

Harry responded, “Her biting wit,” when asked what he’ll remember most about his grandmother. Her humorousness. She has the capacity to respond to anyone while maintaining a straight face and a complete sense of humor. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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