Blm Founder Killed
Blm Founder Killed

BLM Founder Killed: Keenan Anderson, Cousin of Black Lives Matter Founder Dies From Cardiac Arrest After Being Tased By Los Angeles Police!

BLM Founder Killed: According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a 31-year-old father and English teacher passed away from a cardiac arrest last week after being repeatedly tased by officers. This is the third officer-related death in the city this year.

Police reported in a news release last week that they came upon Keenan Anderson, the cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, on January 3 near the scene of a traffic mishap in Los Angeles’ Venice district.

Police have revealed edited body-worn camera footage demonstrating how they repeatedly tased Anderson as they attempted to arrest him. Anderson was taken to a nearby hospital after being detained, where, according to police, he suffered a heart arrest and was later pronounced dead.

Cullors claimed in a tribute post on Instagram that her relative had been “killed by LAPD.”

In the article, Cullors stated, “Keenan deserves to be living right now, and his child deserves to be nurtured by his father.” “Keenan, we’ll fight for you and all our family members harmed by state violence. I cherish you.

Blm Founder Killed
BLM Founder Killed

According to a statement from the school’s founder, Mashea Ashton, Anderson taught English to students in the tenth grade at the Digital Pioneers Academy in Washington, DC. Over the vacation, Anderson was in Los Angeles visiting relatives, according to Ashton.

“The details of his death are as disturbing as they are tragic,” Ashton said in the statement, adding, “Keenan was a deeply committed educator and father of a six-year-old son. … He was beloved by all.”

“Our neighborhood is in mourning. But we also feel irritated. Angry that yet another well-known, adored, and respected member of our community has passed away. I’m upset that another gifted, attractive black soul has passed away too young,” Ashton stated.

Police explained in the video that the department’s policy defines any death of a person in their custody as a “categorical” use of force and that detectives from the force investigation division of the police department responded to the scene where Anderson was taken into custody and are investigating the use of force.

The Los Angeles Police Department has so far this year also looked into the police shooting deaths of Takar Smith, 45, and Oscar Sanchez, 35, and has made a video of both instances available.

What The Video Shows

On the afternoon of January 3, according to police, they were called to a traffic mishap and found Anderson “running in the center of the street and exhibiting erratic conduct.” I think that guy up there needs help, though, because the guy’s attempting to run away. The woman at the traffic crash scene says police on one officer’s body-worn video, which police have released and edited.

Anderson is first seen stopping and speaking to an officer on body-worn camera footage before the video changes to text stating that Anderson “attempted to get away.”

When the video resumes, Anderson can be seen running into the street while being pursued by the cop. The officer eventually stops Anderson at a significant intersection and orders him to lie down on his stomach.

When Anderson doesn’t appear to cooperate immediately, two more officers show up and order him to “relax” while moving him to lie on the ground on his stomach. Anderson can be heard yelling, “Help, they’re trying to kill me,” and “Please, don’t do this,” as the officers battle to get on top of him.

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