Giants Players Recall Infamous 'Boat Picture'
Giants Players Recall Infamous 'Boat Picture'

Giants Players Recall Infamous ‘Boat Picture’ Ahead of Long-Awaited Return To NFL Playoffs!

Giants Players Recall Infamous ‘Boat Picture’: A picture can sometimes express a thousand words. Even after a protracted postseason drought, the New York Giants are still associated with one particular image: the iconic “boat” photo.

After the regular season was over six years ago, Sterling Shepard and his Giants colleagues Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis decided to charter a private plane to Miami.

A picture of the football star shirtless on a boat with musician Trey Songz and other celebrities surfaced the day after they arrived in Florida.

Many of the athletes in the image spent the following days addressing or avoiding queries about the trip after it became popular. The Giants continued to have trouble as they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs 38-13.

When asked about the trip earlier this week, Sterling Shepard, who was a rookie at the time of the picture and is still on the Giants roster, expressed remorse.

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“I regret it because I feel like the game’s focus was now put somewhere else,” Shepard told The Post on Wednesday. “In the building, I felt we were all good, but guys leave the building and turn on the TV, and it was on all day around here. It drew away from where the attention should’ve been.”

Giants Players Recall Infamous 'Boat Picture'
Giants Players Recall Infamous ‘Boat Picture’

Before the playoff game, none of the players missed any team meetings or practices.

Lewis, Cruz, and Beckham are not currently NFL players. The Dallas Cowboys pursued Beckham in the last weeks of the regular season, but they could not sign him while they awaited his medical clearance.

When Beckham played for the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl last year, he had an ACL injury. Miami-Dade police on Wednesday released body cam footage of Beckham being led off an aircraft in November after he allegedly became unresponsive when flight attendants requested him to fasten his seatbelt.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, claimed at the time of the incident that it would not affect the team’s decision to sign Beckham.

Shepard, meanwhile, has developed into a crucial component of the Giants’ offense over the past few seasons. He tore his ACL in Week 4, preventing him from playing this weekend, but he is adamant that the 2017 viral photo had nothing to do with the team’s playoff loss.

“That type of stuff happens every week,” Shepard said, “but from the attention aspect, it wasn’t the right thing.”

At the time of the photo, Landon Collins, a member of the Giants, claimed he did not hold his teammates’ boat trip against them.

“Still, we don’t. I would still be screaming at Shep if we did, “Collins laughed. “Both the game and the changing room were unaffected. The presence of a boat does not prevent you from catching the ball, tackling an opponent, or tossing the ball. It became the center of attention after the media blew it up.”

The wide receivers that made the trip performed poorly during the Lambeau Field playoff game only intensified the unfavorable feelings. Seven passes were mishandled by the wide receivers on the day, one of which was in the end zone.

We failed to carry out the strategy, according to Shepard. “We missed some great opportunities and had some significant drops around the receiver area. I’ve carried it with me the entire time I’ve been here. I didn’t fully understand how difficult it was to make the playoffs when I was a rookie.

The wideouts weren’t the only area of concern for the Giants during the playoff game. On the last play of the first half, the defense allowed a 42-yard touchdown, extending Green Bay’s lead going into the locker room.

“We had an opportunity in our hands, and it kind of slipped away,” Collins said. “That [Hail Mary] just took our soul away. That should never have happened. We let them move back in, and they took over.”

Daniel Jones, the quarterback, is credited with having his most excellent career season under first-year head coach Brian Daboll’s leadership. In the wild-card round on Sunday, the Vikings host the Giants. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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