Hawthorne Elects First Black Woman To Its City Council

Hawthorne Elects First Black Woman To Its City Council: After a century of waiting, Hawthorne finally elected a Black woman to its city council. In addition, three women of color were recently selected to city offices, a first for Hawthorne in a century.

“Having three black women elected speaks to where the city wants to go,” said Dayna Williams-Hunter, Hawthorne city clerk.

Katrina Manning, a councilwoman, adds, “It wasn’t easy.”

“A lot of women of color are not provided the same resources as other women are,” Manning said.

But city treasurer Marie Poindexter-Hornback asserts that when addressing today’s most challenging, “A lot of women of color are not provided the same resources as other women are,” Manning said. Policy challenges, a Black female perspective might be constructive.

Health care, helping families through inflation, and a woman’s right to privacy are a few examples.

“You need to be open and flexible. I mean, things change daily, and you must have patience,” Poindexter-Hornback said.

On the campaign trail, the three grew close quickly and significantly relied on one another to succeed.

Williams-experience Hunter’s in public relations, Poindexter-accounting Hornback’s expertise in monitoring campaign expenses, and Manning’s prior experience running for office all contributed to their success.

“Men have always filled these positions. It’s time to present an alternative viewpoint, you know? Stated Williams-Hunter.

When asked why it took Hawthorne, which has a 27 percent African-American population, a century to elect its first Black woman, Manning responds philosophically.

I, therefore, lack that response. But now that I’m here, we’re going to accomplish amazing things, Manning added.

And they’re not simply excited about their political futures. The three women agree that they are considering the coming generation.

“To show my daughter. Like, ‘hey, my mom did this. she made it,’” Poindexter-Hornback said. 

The most fabulous prize of all might be encouraging young Black women to run for government one day, just like they did, they told NBC4. Follow Newswatchlist.com for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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