FAA: Jet At Kennedy Crosses Path of Airliner Taking Off
FAA: Jet At Kennedy Crosses Path of Airliner Taking Off

FAA: Jet At Kennedy Crosses Path of Airliner Taking Off

FAA: Jet At Kennedy Crosses Path of Airliner Taking Off: The Federal Aviation Administration said on Saturday that an airliner from Kennedy Airport aborted its takeoff after another jet crossed the runway in front of it.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 heading for the Dominican Republic was on its takeoff roll at around 8:45 on Friday night when an American Airlines Boeing 777 born for London crossed the runway, according to the FAA.

After the problem was reported to air traffic authorities, the Delta flight aborted departure.

The American jet, Flight 106, crossed in front of the Delta flight, Flight 1943, 1,000 feet before it got to that part of Runway 4-L, according to a statement from the FAA.

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Later, the American flight took off for London and made it there on schedule. An American Airlines representative declined to comment.

According to a spokeswoman for the airline, the Delta flight arrived back at its gate, where its 145 passengers and six staff members boarded.

After a 15-hour delay, the flight finally took off on Saturday morning.

Delta said in a statement that it “will collaborate with and assist aviation authorities on a complete review of Flight 1943 on January 13 regarding an aborted takeoff process at New York-JFK.”

The FAA declared that it is looking into the event.

Runway 4-L, located on the airport’s southeast side, is 2 1/4 miles long. At Kennedy, it is the second-longest runway.

Runway incursions are incidents like the one that was recorded Friday evening. The worst occurrence in recorded history occurred in the Canary Islands in 1977 when a Pan Am and KLM Boeing 747 collided, killing 583 passengers and crew. Follow Newswatchlist.com for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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