Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's New Government Sparks Outrage;
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's New Government Sparks Outrage;

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s New Government Sparks Outrage; Thousands Rally In Tel Aviv

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s New Government Sparks Outrage; Israelis protested Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government’s plans to alter the legal system and undermine the Supreme Court on Saturday night in central Tel Aviv. Critics claim that this move will damage the country’s democratic system of checks and balances.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Netanyahu’s ultranationalist national security minister, who has instructed police to repress demonstrators who block streets or fly Palestinian flags, saw the rally as an early test.

Despite the cool, rainy weather, the gathering at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square grew to at least 80,000 people, according to Israeli media citing police. Israeli flags and posters reading “Criminal Government,” “The End of Democracy,” and other slogans were carried by protesters, many of whom were sheltered by umbrellas.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's New Government Sparks Outrage;
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s New Government Sparks Outrage;

“They are trying to destroy the checks and balances of the Israeli democracy. This will not work,” said Asaf Steinberg, a protester from the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya. “And we will fight until the very last minute to save the Israeli democracy.”

Although Israeli media reported that small crowds tussled with police as they attempted to block a Tel Aviv motorway, no significant rioting was reported.

Reforming the judicial system of the nation has been a top priority for Netanyahu, who is facing corruption charges.

His government, which is made up of ultra-Orthodox and far-right nationalist groups and has been in power for less than two weeks, has introduced proposals to undermine the Supreme Court by granting parliament the authority to overrule court rulings with a simple majority vote. It also aims to lessen the independence of legal advisors and give parliament power over judge selection.

Justice Minister Netanyahu claims that judges who are not elected have excessive power. However, others opposed to the plans claim that if they go through as is, Israel’s democracy will suffer and the judiciary’s independence will be taken away. Former attorney generals, Supreme Court presidents, and members of Israel’s opposition have all spoken out against the proposal.

The legal modifications may enable Netanyahu, who is facing a corruption prosecution, to avoid conviction or possibly have his case dismissed outright. Netanyahu has claimed that the legal system is prejudiced against him ever since he was charged in 2019.

In advance of the march, police increased their presence. According to police, who were quoted by Israeli media, officers had been told to be “extremely sensitive” and permit the protest to progress quietly. But they also promised to take any vandalism or violent acts seriously.

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