Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment
Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment

Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment of Authoritarianism In America!

Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment: Actor and comedian Rob Schneider spoke candidly on current issues in America and the political division driving people apart.

On “One Nation,” Schneider spoke with Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade about why he isn’t scared to speak out on contentious topics and what worries him the most about his children’s future.

“When you have little kids, and you start thinking about, ‘Well, I got a good nest egg for them to take care of them financially,’ but then, like, what does that matter if the country that they live in where you have a guy, a president wins at midnight, 3 in the morning and loses?” he asked. “At a certain point, you have to think, what are you really leaving behind?”

“If enough people will just say, ‘Enough of this,’ and it’s not just the Democrats, it’s the Republicans, too, because they don’t want to give up that power either,” Schneider continued. 

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Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment
Rob Schneider: We Have To Stop The Encroachment

The actor claimed that to make it fair, we must argue for a return to the traditional hatred that exists in our government, where all branches are hostile to one another.

“It won’t be an entirely faultless system. We live in a constitutional republic, so it’s unfair. Although not fair for everyone, the new system is nevertheless preferable to the old one, “said Schneider. “You only need to look around to see what’s going on in China and Europe to realize “You know what? It’s still quite pleasant here.”

Schneider warned that the rise of authoritarianism in America must be stopped.

Later in January, Rob Schneider makes a comedic comeback and embarks on a tour that will take him throughout the nation through the end of May. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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