John Thompson Farming Accident
John Thompson Farming Accident

John Thompson Farming Accident: The Man Who Lost Both of His Arms In A Farming Accident Lived

John Thompson Farming Accident: The Man Who Lost Both of His Arms In A Farming Accident Lived!

North Dakotan farmer John Thompson was nearly killed and had both arms severed in a horrible accident thirty years ago.

The farmer’s shirt got tangled up on the exposed power takeoff (PTO) shaft one morning in 1992 as he was using a grain drill to unload pig feed.

John Thompson, a lone resident at the time of the catastrophe, awoke to the sound of his dog licking his face and discovered that both arms had been severed.

Without anybody nearby to assist him, he managed to travel the 100 yards back to his house, turning the handle with his mouth to enter, then dialing an ambulance with a pencil wedged between his teeth.

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It’s incredible to imagine someone who has just had both of their arms severed and is bleeding badly would do something as unbelievable as placing himself in the bath to save themselves from dripping blood all over the carpet.

When he was rushed to the hospital, the staff informed him that he “shouldn’t be alive” because he essentially had “no blood in you.”

John Thompson recalled his terrible accident and his heroic measures to live long enough to get aid.

“I was doing that, standing around playing with the dog, when I managed to go too close to the PTO shaft.

“My shirt wasn’t tucked up, and they believe it became entangled in the PTO shaft. I can still clearly recall spinning on the shaft till my arms finally slipped off with little resistance.

“When I arrived at the emergency room at the first hospital, it was reported that all of my nerves were hanging out of my right arm, and if they touched it, it put me through the roof, but other than that, I had nothing,” the patient added.

His limbs may have been severed in the terrible farming accident, but physicians had a daring plan to repair the harm since they had found his arms on the farm and intended to reattach them.

John was transported by plane to a medical facility in Minnesota, where his arms were surgically reattached. He was put into a four-week coma to allow for appropriate healing.

John Thompson Farming Accident: The Man Who Lost Both of His Arms In A Farming Accident Lived
John Thompson Farming Accident: The Man Who Lost Both of His Arms In A Farming Accident Lived

The procedure was eventually successful, and he underwent rehabilitation to restore the use of his arms. During that time, a blood infection threatened his life, necessitating more surgery.

He resumed weightlifting to increase his strength, although he acknowledged that he never fully regained his fine motor abilities.

Following his accident, John acknowledged that he had memory issues. He went to Washington, DC, multiple times and met Bill Clinton, the US president at the time, but claims to have “no memory” of doing so.

He recalls his first flight, which he took to the hospital to have his arms reattached, and joked that his arms felt chilly because they were being kept in an ice-filled box. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.

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