Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations: After two women accused YouTube star Andrew Callaghan of sexual assault and coercion, Callaghan apologized and said he would seek treatment on Sunday.

In a video posted to his Instagram profile, Callaghan, a freelance journalist best known for the YouTube programs “All Gas No Brakes” and “Channel 5,” spoke for more than four minutes. He told his supporters that in light of the accusations, he needed to do some “serious work” on himself.

“So I’m going to start therapy sessions immediately,” Callaghan said. “Also, not to blame alcohol, but I truly believe that alcohol was a contributing factor to my poor decision-making. And I think alcohol has had a devastating impact on my life. So I think I will decide to join a 12-step program for Alcoholics Anonymous.”

In a TikTok video last month, Caroline Elise—the first woman to publicly accuse Callaghan—said that although she had welcomed Callaghan into her home, she had been “quite explicit about the fact that we were not hooking up.” Callaghan allegedly climbed into Elise’s bed and prodded her until she agreed “to do things I wasn’t proud of.”

Even though Callaghan eventually won her over, Elise claimed it was only “because he wore me down.”

Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Andrew Callaghan Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A second woman, who goes by the online alias Dana, claimed that Callaghan once began inappropriately groping her while she was taking him home. She claimed that he kissed her neck, touched her thigh, and attempted to slide his hand down her pants.

Dana admitted to having had consensual intercourse with Callaghan in the past but stated she did not wish to do it again when contacted for comment.

Callaghan did not particularly address the accusations. He called his behavior a form of “sex pest behavior” that young boys and men had come to accept.

He remarked on Sunday, “I assumed that you know, going home from the pub alone made you a loser. “I believed tenacity to be a form of flattery. And I thought that if someone seemed reticent at first, they were being evasive, so try harder.

Callaghan said he always viewed the word “no” as the final response, but he also admitted that he was to blame for not knowing “what enthusiastic, two-way consent looks like.”

In a statement released last week, Callaghan’s legal counsel said: “Andrew wants to have these conversations so he may continue to learn and grow. Conversations about pressure and consent are vitally essential.

While reminding his audience that even one worried partner is too many, there are always numerous sides to a story, Andrew promises to do better in this area. Given his expanding platform and its vulnerabilities, Andrew is dedicated to working with the right professionals to understand himself better and how he may develop as a person.

With “All Gas No Breaks,” Callaghan gained notoriety by interviewing members of outlaw groups like Bigfoot hunters, porn actors, and the Proud Boys. In collaboration with the social media firm Doing Things Media, the program made its debut in the fall of 2019. Later, Callaghan launched the YouTube offshoot series “Channel 5.”

He recently directed “This Place Rules,” a documentary about the Capitol disturbance on January 6. A few days before the initial accusation video was posted, the movie, produced in association with the production company A24 debuted on HBO Max. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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