Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere
Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere

Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere

Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere!

Margot Robbie debuted her daring and the ’90s supermodel-inspired ensemble on the Sydney red carpet.

Margot Robbie returned to her native country for the Babylon local premiere after a frantic international promotional tour for the highly anticipated new movie, which hits theatres on January 19.

The 32-year-old Oscar-nominated star, who had only been to the London showing two days prior, showed up in a beautiful, powder blue vintage Versace gown with red lace accents.

Hundreds of enthralled admirers were waiting outside the State Theatre to see Margot Robbie sporting loose beachy waves and barely any makeup.

Diego Calva, a Mexican actor who plays Robbie’s co-star in the TV series Babylon, also accompanied her. Diego is making his first trip to Australia.

In an earlier interview, the I, Tonya actress described how “frantic” she was to land the part of Nellie LaRoy in the historical dramedy, which also stars Brad Pitt.

“When I received the Babylon script, I felt compelled to act. I’ve never experienced it when reading a script, Robbie admitted to W Magazine.

“I was in a panic. I even suggested going to the director’s residence at one point.

“I said, ‘I have to play this character,’ when we finally met. She is mine.

Phoebe Tonkin and Samara Weaving, two more Australian actors who appear in the movie and are close friends of Robbie, were also spotted on the red carpet.

Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere
Margot Robbie At Babylon Australia Premiere

Along with a host of other regional TV stars and influencers, Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer received an invitation.

Robbie received a Golden Globe nod for her performance earlier this month, and Babylon has been the talk of the Oscars since it debuted in the US over Christmas.

Babylon has been shortlisted for the Oscars’ Best Sound, Best Make-Up, and Best Music categories.

Following Monday, the Academy is anticipated to reveal its formal nominations.

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