Indiana Father Arrested After Toddler Seen With Gun On Live Tv: Report!

A dad was detained in Beech Grove, Indiana, when live television footage of the guy’s kid, who was seen waving and pulling the trigger of a revolver, surfaced.

According to a news release, the video was shown by Reelz’s “On Patrol: Live” during the TV show’s live broadcast on Saturday, January 14.

According to a police incident record that CNN affiliate WTHR received, Shane Osborne is accused of neglect. Additionally, “ring camera footage” that was acquired and posted to a police server is listed in the report. The investigation stated that a 9mm gun discovered at the site had 15 bullets in the magazine but none in the chamber.

According to WTHR, Osborne is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon. The boy’s father, according to the program, is Osborne.

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Dennis Buckley, the mayor of Beech Grove, expressed his “mortification” about the incident in a statement to WTHR.

Indiana Father Arrested After Toddler Seen With Gun On Live Tv: Report
Indiana Father Arrested After Toddler Seen With Gun On Live Tv: Report

“As with all of you, I’m mortified, and what took place, and I’m so thankful that no one was hurt, especially the young child. I appreciate the quick action taken by the Beech Grove Police Department to secure the small child and the gun.”

A little boy is shown at the entrance of an apartment building waving a handgun back and forth and squeezing the trigger in surveillance footage from a neighbor shown on “On Patrol: Live.”

A neighbor contacted 911, saying she and her son had seen the youngster alone in the corridor outside their apartment and that he had been holding a gun and pointing it at them, according to a release from the show. Beech Grove police officers came.

The alleged father of the child informed the responding officers that he did not own a firearm. As officers approached his flat, the man declared, “I don’t have a gun. I have never brought a pistol into this house. If there is one, it belongs to my cousin.

Police searched the residence for a gun and eventually discovered one below a television in the living room.

One of the officers on the scene identified the weapon as a “Smith & Wesson SD9mm,” though it is unclear if it is the same weapon seen in the neighbor’s video footage.

Later, the man is seen being led from the apartment complex by police while being handcuffed.

After checking with the on-call prosecutors, an officer declared that there was sufficient evidence to make an arrest “for child negligence, that’s a felony,” given that there was a loaded gun in residence.

At this moment, it is unknown if Osborne has a lawyer. To learn more, CNN has contacted the public defender’s office. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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