The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!
The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!

The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!

The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!

Leslie Jones will serve as the show’s first of a rotating cast of guest hosts when “The Daily Show” returns on Tuesday, January 17, for its first episode since Trevor Noah’s departure.

When Leslie Jones, 55, was getting ready to take over for Trevor Noah, who hosted Comedy Central’s late-night series from 2015 until 2022, she said she only sought guidance from one person.

She merely said, “Chris Rock,” to The Post. He advised me to be myself and not try to be Jon Stewart or Trevor Noah. It will be entirely different since I’m Leslie Jones, at least. It’s an opportunity for me to come and do something that I haven’t done before, just like anything else that has been offered to me.

The 38-year-old Noah announced his resignation from “The Daily Show” in September, and on December 8, his farewell show aired.

This week at 11 p.m., Leslie Jones will host the program as a guest. She will be followed by Wanda Sykes, DL Hughley, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman for one week each.

Leslie Jones claimed she wasn’t instructed to view her week at “The Daily Show” as an interview for the position, but she added that she contributes “Honesty — keeping it real” to the late-night scene. She admitted that although she didn’t frequently watch the “Daily Show,” she did “see it a couple of times when Jon [Stewart] and Trevor were on.”

Leslie Jones is well-known for several things, such as stand-up comedy, the 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot, her social media commentary on “Game of Thrones,” and the Olympics. However, she claims that her time on “Saturday Night Live” (2014–2019) was the most helpful in preparing her for “The Daily Show.”

The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!
The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones Debut On Tuesday!

“I would probably do the ‘SNL’ [Weekend] Updates. That reminds me of the preparation I do behind the desk for ‘The Daily Show,’ as well as other things I’m going to do there,” she remarked. With this experience, I believe I’ll put that to good use. It takes a lot of practice; we write it and finish it.

Her witty remark on “the politicians, everything that’s going on” is something she is looking forward to. I’ll probably mention a few things from each category.

She claimed that she doesn’t prefer making premeditated jokes to making jokes about current events: “I use the same intensity with both.”

Jones revealed that she is now working on “The Daily Show” and “A lot of other little projects: a movie and I’m trying to get a comedy written.” There are several projects in development. However, when asked which she preferred—acting or hosting—she responded, “Stand up is the core of me; therefore, it will always be number one.”

Leslie Jones declined to speculate that this week might develop into a regular “Daily Show” segment later.

She said, “I’m just prepared to go and kill it.” If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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