Are Brett And Xanthi Dating
Are Brett And Xanthi Dating

Are Brett And Xanthi Dating? The Circle’s Most Loved Couple!

The Circle Season 5 debuted on Netflix on December 28, and viewers were eager to see a new group of competitors ready to compete for the top influencer position. However, Big Brother viewers immediately identified Brett as one of the faces. He is a notable Big Brother contestant who is now poised to make his mark on The Circle.

Despite being kicked out of the game early on, Brett returns to The Circle with fellow blocked player Xanthi as a catfish. And when his fans from before The Circle saw him, they were horrified.

On The Circle, though, who is Brett? He may be familiar to you from Big Brother 20 in 2018. Brett participated in a violent alliance on the long-running CBS reality show and was outspoken and unrepentant. On The Circle, we anticipate more of the same from him, but it’s an entirely different game, and he hasn’t appeared on television in a while.

Brett talked candidly about participating in a different kind of game on a very different reality program and what his future in reality TV might entail in an exclusive interview with Distractify.

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Who is Brett on ‘The Circle’?

In a scrambled word challenge, where he knew what he was doing, Brett is remembered by some Big Brother viewers for making a filthy joke about spelling out “anal lice” and getting them to giggle. On the program, Brett was likewise not afraid to express his opinions.

He might find it more difficult to woo his fellow Circle competitors with his charm. We can wager that he will attempt, though.

Are Brett And Xanthi Dating
Are Brett And Xanthi Dating

Brett has put a lot of effort into cultivating his social media influencer profile outside The Circle. Brett also has a sizable following on Instagram and TikTok, though it’s unclear whether he continues to work in the field of cyber security as he once did. When you need more Brett in your life beyond The Circle, he offers access to his 20-minute workouts for sale online.

Even though Brett played a very specialized game on Big Brother, The Circle’s group communications could not capture much of his charm and wit. And he told us that one of the difficulties of serving on The Circle was dealing with that.

Regarding his experiences on The Circle to Big Brother, Brett said to Distractify, “It’s such a similar feeling, but it is so different.” Everything moves quickly in this game. In other words, you must be alert and ready to handle all scenarios. However, using emojis and group chat to put your thoughts into text was a different experience.

He noted that meeting housemates during late-night talks on Big Brother and being able to communicate covertly with players in private chats on The Circle made for “quite distinct gameplay” on the Netflix series.

Are Brett And Xanthi Dating After ‘The Circle’?

When they receive the chance to go back to The Circle and play as catfish together, Brett and Xanthi are put together. Even though the two appear to have a strong friendship on the show, Brett is here to put out those flames.

Even though Brett said they now have a “special bond,” it is “strictly platonic.”

Brett said, “We just experienced something so singular that no one else would ever comprehend.

Brett Would Go On A Dating Show After ‘The Circle”

After Season 5 of The Circle’s filming wrapped up, Brett is entirely open to trying out for yet another reality series. He’s just prepared for a dating reality program this time. He’s willing to watch shows like Love Island and wouldn’t turn down Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

He revealed that his dream project would be a dating series, enabling him to transition from an in-game menace to “the person that everyone loves to hang out with.”

And we’re here for it, in all honesty.

How Far Did Brett Get On ‘Big Brother’?

Brett made the right decisions and surrounded himself with the right people during his time on Big Brother. But in the end, he finished sixth and exited the competition. That meant that although Brett made it to the jury house, he was not given the first or second-place prize.

On The Circle, maybe that will change for him. He only needs to decide how to play his game most effectively initially.

The Circle is available on Netflix.

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