Body of Missing Montgomery County Mother Found After 2 Week

Her body was discovered just over two weeks after she vanished from Pennsylvania.

Everyone anticipated this result after 43-year-old Jennifer Brown vanished. She was last seen on January 3, and after she failed to pick up her 8-year-old son from the bus stop the next day, an investigation into her whereabouts was launched.

In Royersford, officials discovered Brown’s body near an industrial complex on Wednesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, I have to announce that we have found Jennifer Brown,” said Montgomery County District Attorney R. Kevin Steele. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Miss Brown’s family and friends now.”

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Body of Missing Montgomery County Mother Found
Body of Missing Montgomery County Mother Found

Police have not revealed what brought them to this property or provided any information regarding a suspect.

Brown was last seen at her residence in Royersford. According to the police, her automobile was left parked outside the house. She also forgot her work cell phone, wallet, pocketbook, and keys.

While they are glad this phase of the case is finished, those who knew Brown at the location where her corpse was discovered want justice to be served to move ahead.

“She was a great mother; we all know her in the community, everyone, and everyone there. And we hope they find her and bring peace to her family,” said Brown’s neighbor, Billy Jo Salkowski.

The authorities did not disclose the manner of Brown’s death, nor were any arrests reported.

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