Are Clark And Juliette Still Together
Are Clark And Juliette Still Together

Are Clark And Juliette Still Together? Did They Break Up?

We saw Juliette Porter and Sam Logan’s romance develop throughout Siesta Key Season 4 until it ultimately fell apart in front of the cameras. Not long after they broke up, Juliette found Clark Drum to be her new partner.

In October 2021, Juliette shared a photo with Clark while they were both present at the wedding of Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto, giving us our first glimpse of him.

Many admirers were shocked by this snapshot because they were unaware that she and Sam had broken up. But it was a legal one. In her new life, Juliette appeared to be more joyful than ever.

She gushed about him in a March 2022 interview with Life and Style Magazine. “He wants to be with me … like, that’s all he cares about. He wants to be happy; he doesn’t have a huge ego; he’s just amazing,” She spoke.

However, Siesta Key fans speculate that something might have transpired between Juliette and Clark during the Season 5 conclusion.

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Are Juliette And Clark Still Together?

Yes, it seems like Juliette and Clark are still doing well. Juliette shared an Instagram Story after the Season 5 finale in which she is seen traveling to Dubai with a man who appears to be Clark.

Are Clark And Juliette Still Together
Are Clark And Juliette Still Together

She also uploaded a carousel of pictures she took in Vegas to Instagram earlier this month. The last image was of Clark, who also commented on the post, indicating that the couple is still together.

Clark Has Been Adamant About Not Appearing On ‘Siesta Key.’

According to his LinkedIn profile, Clark, a certified yacht broker, and realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, never intended to add reality star to his title.

It seemed only natural that he would become a part of Siesta Key when he initially started dating Juliette. He was, too. The only issue was that he didn’t appear very enthusiastic about it. Many viewers thought Clark’s resistance to appearing on the show was a warning sign. Chloe Trautman, a Juliette cast member, also seemed suspicious of Clark.

But even if Clark isn’t on the show, he can still be Juliette’s supporting partner, as several people noted on Twitter.

But as the season went on, many viewers came to respect Clark’s choice to forgo filming. His absence from the show is a result of his disinterest in participating. His breakup with Juliette has nothing to do with it.

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