Are Jordana And Sam Still Together
Are Jordana And Sam Still Together

Are Jordana And Sam Still Together From Siesta Key?

Affluent young adults enjoying themselves while navigating the ups and downs of adulthood? Please include us because we adore “Siesta Key” A close group’s dating lives, drama, politics, and meaningful moments are explored in this reality show. On the front, Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan are two such pals who have the audience on the edge of their seats with their baffling chemistry.

They argue, make out, and kiss but never form a bond. ‘Siesta Key: Miami Moves‘ might not be the same. In season 5, have they managed to leave each other’s buddy zones? Let’s follow the trail to see where it goes!

Jordana and Sam’s Siesta Key Journey

Many people questioned Jordana Barnes, who was introduced as Sam’s creative companion on the show. He asked her to paint a $10,000 portrait of Juliette, his then-girlfriend, but it didn’t turn out too well because Jordana came out more like the painting than Juliette! Later, Juliette explained how Sam met Jordana through Brittany Russell, a past girlfriend he had dated for ten years. According to Juliette on the program, Brittany and Jordana’s relationship failed because Jordana slept with Sam after the couple split up.

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In Juliette’s presence, Jordana made some contentious claims about wanting to sleep with Sam because he was handsome. Due to his girlfriend’s constant rage tantrums, Sam eventually ended their relationship. Jordana immediately offered encouragement and promised to be there for him if he needed anything. Sam urged her to leave his new Miami condo after the two had already moved in.

Are Jordana And Sam Still Together
Are Jordana And Sam Still Together

The two’s connection is becoming more challenging. Jordana is shown cohabitating with Sam in season 5, and out of exasperation in episode 11, she reveals her emotions for him. We must first travel back a few days to understand how it all began.

Sam allegedly used Jordana’s bikinis while having a party at their flat with unrelated women. Jordana questioned Sam about it after feeling mistreated. She felt her privacy was violated and did not like it when he gave other ladies her clothes.

Later, after realizing their friendship was fraying, he did offer an apology. Jordana acknowledged her need for a fresh start and mentioned thinking about moving. Sam was confused and, to some extent, astonished after Jordana made her confession, and they soon found themselves in another unpleasant circumstance.

Even though his mother and his friend Mike supported him, giving a relationship with Jordana a go, he did not want to waste their ten years of friendship. Sam said he didn’t want to sour their friendship later that day. But she wouldn’t have any of it, insisting they at least try it! What does it mean they had a beautiful moment and leaned in for a kiss? Has the couple made up its mind to date yet?

Are Jordana and Sam Still Together?

Sam and Jordana are not a couple. Although Jordana never made things official, it appeared as though she was dating Adam Conway when Sam asked her to leave the first time. It is uncertain whether she got a new apartment at that time or not. Jordana was the one who developed and assisted with the majority of things. Therefore, the fans were outraged that Sam’s new company failed to give her credit.

The audience also supported her when she pleaded with him to respect her privacy when Sam made inappropriate comments about her behind her back, referring to her as a “jealous girlfriend” and calling her “territorial.” Most of her supporters agreed when she said she needed a break from the stress and left Sam’s flat. She continued to say that she was initially worried about girls being near Sam since she had feelings for him, and they were proud of her.

Jordana was devastated by Sam’s behavior; at first, he didn’t apologize. People were eager to point out that he did not care about her feelings after he scolded her for being unhappy. One of her followers accused Jordana of doing all she could to win Sam over the comments section of her Instagram post. “Just here for him no matter what,” she retorted, “so I guess you can read that as you want.”

On December 31, 2022, Sam shared a photo of himself and Jordan in front of a helicopter. The image delighted the onlookers, one of whom advised the two dates because they appeared sincere. Sam didn’t dispute the assertion and said, “Ya, Jordan’s fantastic.


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Adore her. So when Jordana brings up their connection on the show, he doesn’t seem to be against the notion but doesn’t like the relationship. Of course, the audience is getting conflicting signals from their Instagram engagements.

Nobody knows the precise motivations behind the kiss they exchanged on television. Was it done to continue their friendship or to signal the start of a new relationship? Whatever the reason, the move upset the fans because they believed Sam didn’t care enough about her and had shown this through his behavior. So, unless we officially hear from one of them, it’s safe to say they are not dating.

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