Ruben Gallego To Challenge Kyrsten Sinema For Senate
Ruben Gallego To Challenge Kyrsten Sinema For Senate

Will Ruben Gallego To Challenge Kyrsten Sinema For Senate?

Democratic Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego will now have the chance to run against Senior U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema for her seat after months of criticizing the recently independent-turned-Democrat.

Newsweek learned early on January 20 that former Marine combat veteran Gallego planned to declare his candidature for Sinema’s Senate seat the following Monday, January 23.

Since Sinema left the Democratic Party this past December after the party won the Senate in the midterm elections, the chair of BOLD PAC, the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, has long been critical of her.

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As we approach this new break, he has also expressed his desire to run. He even mentioned it recently when he requested money for his Act Blue account.

“Kyrsten Sinema hasn’t held a town hall in Arizona for years. Instead, she takes a plane to Switzerland to attend a town hall meeting with influential people.

Ruben Gallego To Challenge Kyrsten Sinema For Senate
Ruben Gallego To Challenge Kyrsten Sinema For Senate

No Joke! Although I haven’t decided whether to run, today brings me one step closer, Gallego tweeted.

According to CBS News, Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego plans to challenge Sen. Kyrsten Sinema on Monday.

A vocal liberal Democrat named Gallego has long criticized Sinema for switching from being a Democrat to being an independent shortly after the party regained the Senate last year.

However, the senator from Arizona continues to support the Senate Democratic caucus.

Sinema claimed at the time that she switched parties because she “never fit neatly into any party box,” but the move drew criticism from many Democrats right away, including Gallego.

According to Democratic insiders close to Gallego, the former Marine intends to announce his candidature for the Senate on Monday with a video that will be available in Spanish and English, followed by a national media tour.

In December, Gallego admitted to CBS News‘ Robert Costa that a few Democratic senators had privately urged him to challenge Sinema.

Gallego stated that “several senators have encouraged me to run.” Some senators, including a few of Sen. Sinema’s colleagues, have encouraged me to run.

Gallego would not name the senators who encouraged him to enter the Senate run, but he is confident they will “definitely” back him.

Gallego, of Mexican and Colombian origin, is the current chair of the BOLD PAC of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which helps Latino congressional Democrats raise money.

He has stated that he intends to work to win over young, progressive, and Latino voters in Arizona, a crucial battleground state.

Gallego noted in a December interview with Costa that he believed his campaign might improve the chances of President Joe Biden’s reelection in the state.

In an interview with CBS in December, Gallego stated, “I will say this: If I were running for president in Arizona in 2024.

I would want to be with someone who would be pleased to be out on stage with him and traveling to every corner of Arizona.” “bringing out the crucial Latino vote is more important.

What those calculations are will become apparent with time. I shouldn’t exert pressure on them. Not under any pressure from them. But I know how capable and powerful a candidate I am.”

For Democrats, who are defending at least 23 seats in the 2024 election cycle, Gallego’s campaign poses potential risks.

Arizona voters are almost evenly divided between Democrats, Republicans, and independents. As the results of the 2022 election show, the Grand Canyon State’s citizens continue to favor moderate candidates by a small margin.

Sinema’s centrist stance has won her praise from Republicans who claim she has been a critical moderating force in the evenly divided Senate.

Gallego’s more outspoken, strident views on issues like economics, immigration, and health-care clash with that.

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