Tevin And Kenya Still Together

Are Tevin And Kenya Still Together After Ex On The Beach?

Kenya Scott and Tevin Grant had a lot of potential to be the perfect couple in Are You the One? Season 7. However, the couple split up after the cameras stopped recording, and since then, viewers haven’t heard anything from them. Before Kenya’s casting in the third season premiere of Ex on the Beach.

As usual, the reality star stole the show when she arrived in Malibu, and the third episode’s appearance of Tevin made things more exciting. Fans are now speculating whether Tevin and Kenya are still together, given their past. Fans of Ex on the Beach believe the show will prepare the couple for their happily ever after.

It’s too early to say whether Kenya and Tevin are still dating after Ex on the Beach at the time of this writing. Tevin was recently added to the MTV reality series, so future episodes will likely have additional hiccups. I discovered Tevin is following Kenya on Instagram after doing an online investigation.

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Kenya, however, does not adhere to Tevin. The same is true of their respective Twitter accounts, @MTVTEV, and @Kenyaa NOT. They appear to be leading different lives and don’t engage in much social media interaction. However, it’s possible that both MTV celebrities are attempting to keep viewers guessing until the Ex on the Beach finale airs.

Tevin And Kenya Still Together
Tevin And Kenya Still Together

On July 31, Tevin shared a picture, and one of his fans wrote: “I really hope you and Kenya get back together.” Tevin liked the comment and replied, “Keep watching @exonthebeach to find out!” So yeah, everyone will have to wait and see.

Kenya and Tevin first disclosed their separation during the Are You the One? Season 7 reunion, which was before Ex on the Beach.

“We’re not together, quote-unquote,” Kenya told MTV News. “We will always love each other, and he’s my best friend. The only thing is the distance. We have big goals in life, and we’ll focus on that. But he’s my favorite person.”

Tevin also explained their relationship to the network. “Not titled — that’s the best way to put it,” he said. “Between me and Kenya, there’s always going to be that love and respect, no matter what.”

When he first arrived on Ex on the Beach, Tevin advised Kenya that it would be best to focus on their friendship rather than their relationship. Kenya, though, had another idea.

“I didn’t know how real this was going to be,” Kenya said in a confessional. “So moving forward, I am going to do everything I have to do to prove to this man that I want to be with you, and I’m 100 percent serious about you.”

The Ex on the Beach, a more modern film An episode peek for August 22 was published on Twitter. Kenya goes home in the video and talks about her future relationship with Tevin.

“Whatever you want to do, I’m cool with,” Kenya said. However, she also made it clear the couple would have to eventually decide to “be something” or not.

“I think that you should just cut me,” Tevin replied, and Kenya asked if that was what he really wanted. He then smirked and said, “Or kiss me.”

The two embraced, and Kenya shared her thoughts in a confessional. “Me and Tevin seem, like, good with each other,” she said. “So now I have to hear the storylines. I have to know what’s going on.”

Kenya and Tevin are doing well right now, but will this continue? Time will only tell.

MTV broadcasts Ex on the Beach Season 3 on Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET.

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