Indiana Walmart Shooting
Indiana Walmart Shooting

Indiana Walmart Shooting: Former Walmart Employee Who Was Fired Last Year Targeted Specific People In Shooting, Police Say

According to the Evansville Police Department, a shooting occurred at a Walmart on Thursday night in Evansville, Indiana, inflicting at least one injury. The alleged shooter was eventually shot and killed by responding law police.

According to police spokesperson Sgt. Anna Gray, the suspect, was identified as 25-year-old Ronald Ray Mosley II, who was let go from Walmart in May.

Mosley was let go after being detained on several counts of assault against other workers, according to Gray.

On Thursday night, he left a suicide note at his home, according to Police Chief Billy Bolin.

After being detained on violence charges, Mosley consistently attended mental health court sessions, according to Vanderburgh County Prosecuting Attorney Diana Moers.

Indiana Walmart Shooting
Indiana Walmart Shooting

According to a state website for Indiana, people accepted to a mental health court engage in a supervised treatment plan with regular evaluations of progress hearings.

According to Moers, Mosley went to mental health court almost every two weeks and was present at a hearing on Thursday afternoon about the battery cases.

Store’s Team Lead Was A Hero, Police Say

According to Gray, who spoke at a news conference late on Thursday night, police received reports of a shooting at 9:59 p.m.

When a meeting was about to commence, Mosley entered a break room in the back of the business, according to Bolin on Friday. According to authorities, there were about 40 customers at the store.

He told everybody to line up against the wall, he had a gun in his hand, and he told two of them to stay in the middle. He ends up shooting a female at this point,” the chief added. The woman was shot in the face and is still being treated at a hospital in stable condition, according to police.

According to Bolin, the other male in the room was also an “intended target,” but he fled during the shooting. The shooter pointed to a guy and a woman; the authorities released neither their identities nor their connection to Mosley.

When the police came, they found the suspect, who shot at them several times, according to Gray. When the police fired back, the suspect was killed.

Throughout the encounter with the subject, no cops suffered any injuries.

Bolin referred to the store’s team leader as a hero during the press conference on Friday.

He said that when the shooter began firing, the shift lead “took off out the door, and she ran and called 911.”

Later, as the suspect left the area, the team leader returned to the break room and assisted the injured woman in hiding in another room.

According to authorities, the investigation is still ongoing.

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