Sophia Abraham Boyfriend

Sophia Abraham Boyfriend: Why Did Farah Abraham Approve Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Marriage?

The 13-year-old Sophia Abraham, a “Teen Mom” alumna Farrah Abraham, visited Build-A-Bear with a friend.

Reddit users lauded Sophia for discovering her first and presumed the individual was the teenager’s boyfriend.

Sophia posted a video about the incident on Instagram and stated, “He got me to build a bear plushie. In the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” she chose the “Toothless” dragon.

Sophia accessorized her black T-shirt, cargo pants, and Dolls Kill platform heels. She still has a septum piercing from her birthday in February and two purple streaks running down the side of her face.

Why Did Farrah Abraham Advise Anyone To Date Her Daughter?

Abraham displayed several books on Instagram that individuals should read if they want to date Sophia.

According to a clip posted on Reddit, Abraham said, “If you date my daughter, you’re receiving some 12-step books.”

“The books “King Baby,” “The Twelve Steps of Shame,” and “The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life” are all highly suggested for your daughter’s boyfriend.

Only the best, and hopefully, everything works out with that boyfriend.

Sophia Abraham Boyfriend

In March, Abraham spent 28 days in rehabilitation. The “Teen Mom” alum was detained in January when it was claimed.

She assaulted a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood, California, according to TMZ. She was charged with misdemeanor assault.

According to In Touch Weekly, at her arraignment in June, Abraham entered a not-guilty plea to the allegation of battery on a peace officer or police officer.

September 2 was set aside for her pretrial hearing. According to Kia Feyzjou, attorney for Abraham, the Hollywood club might be held accountable.

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The regrettable arrest resulted from careless investigation and training by Grandmaster Recorders security personnel, Feyziou said In Touch.

“This company could be held liable for both civil and criminal offenses. According to him, a citizen’s arrest “is not without hazards and perils.

When the security personnel decided to become the night’s heroes, they did not exercise safety considerations.

Does Farah Abraham Approve Of Daughter Sophia’s Boyfriend?

Sophia might be implying that she has limitations with her lover, Farrah continued. Every time they get together, they play some great music.

Although Farrah is generally pleased with her daughter’s relationship, she expressed disbelief that Sophia is dating before her, a subject she brought up with her therapist.

Sophia and her boyfriend met while participating in a “songwriting camp from the Paramount Theater.”

That’s what I had to discuss with my therapist, Farrah said. I do, however, have limitations. However, I’m pleased that Sophia is dating [him]. That is currently kosher, I guess.

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