Travis Kelce Brother

Travis Kelce Brother: Where Did They Play College Football?

There have been many instances in the National Football League (NFL) of brothers playing in the league simultaneously.

It’s possible that there won’t be another brotherhood in the company that will significantly impact the 2010s and beyond more than that of Jason and Travis Kelce.

Both brothers had excelled to the highest level possible in their respective positions, winning Super Bowls with the clubs that drafted them when they were younger.

Both brothers have qualified for the NFL playoffs again; this time, they are the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences (the AFC and the NFC).

Jason and Travis Kelce may root for each other leading up to the Super Bowl, the most important sporting event in the United States, but for the time being.

They will likely root against each other. It is still unknown whether Jason’s Eagles and Travis’ Chiefs will be able to reach their destination.

Despite this, there is not much more that the Kelce brothers can accomplish. Both of them could fulfill a goal that they had had since they were children when they were allowed to play in the National Football League (NFL).

They mentioned this in a joint statement that they released earlier in the current season, right before the first episode of their podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.”

After all, The Sporting News looks at the football careers of the Kelce brothers.

How they went from being standouts in Cincinnati to become one of the most exceptional brother pairings in the NFL:

How Many Kelce Brothers Play For An Nfl Team Now?

Jason Kelce, who plays center for the Eagles, and his younger brother Travis, who plays tight end for the Chiefs, are members of the Kelce family.

Jason and Travis Bosa are the first athletes from their families to make it to the league, unlike their siblings Nick and Joey Bosa.

Travis Kelce Brother

Both played in the NFL (whereas the Bosas followed their father’s lead, John).

In contrast to the Bosa brothers, neither Kelce brothers were chosen in the first round of the NFL draught.

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Travis Kelce was taken far sooner in the selection in 2013 than his brother Jason was in 2011, even though Jason Kelce was selected before his brother in the draught.

Nfl Stats For The Kelce Brothers:

Jason and Travis Kelce have been named to the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team on many occasions, with Jason Kelce being named to the Pro Bowl six times and Travis Kelce being named to the First Team All-Pro five times.

Travis Kelce has been selected for the Pro Bowl eight times, and he has also been named to the First Team All-Pro four times.

Where Did The Kelce Brothers Play College Football?

Jason and Travis Kelce participated in collegiate football at Cincinnati, where they were teammates for three seasons (2008-2010).

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