Victoria De Angelis Dating
Victoria De Angelis Dating

Who is Victoria De Angelis Dating? She Is Quite Secretive About Her Romantic Life

Few bands are now having as much of an impact on the rock and roll scene as Måneskin. Fans worldwide are eager to explore a brand-new collection of Måneskin music after the band recently released their highly anticipated new album, “Rush!”

Naturally, the publication of “Rush!” has also attracted a few new followers eager to discover more about the band outside the recording studio and live shows.

So what do we know about Victoria De Angelis, the lone woman in the group, and her love life? For a breakdown of the current state of the facts, continue reading.

Who is Victoria De Angelis Dating? She Is a Little Bit Secretive About Her Romantic Life

Victoria is currently at the top of the rock music industry as a member of Måneskin, but information about her private life is hard to come by. As of the writing of this article, Victoria doesn’t seem to be engaged with anyone. In none of her interviews has she revealed being in a relationship, but her Instagram profile may provide some clues.

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She has shared several pictures with a man named Josè Tomas Ayerbe Lombardi there. However, neither has made it clear whether they are friends or dating.

Despite long-running fan speculation, Victoria and their bandmate Damiano David are not romantically involved. Since 2017, Damiano has been dating writer Giorgia Soleri (@giorgiasoleri_ on Instagram).

Victoria De Angelis Dating-

On January 19, 2023, Måneskin held a pretend wedding in which all band members were wedded to one another, which furthered the allegations that the two were dating. Damiano and Victoria kissed during that ceremony, but it seemed like a publicity gimmick.

Victoria and Damiano have a strong friendship despite not being romantically involved with one another. According to Wikipedia, the origins of Mneskin may be traced back to the group’s middle school years. Thomas Raggi, Victoria’s bandmate, and Victoria chose to collaborate because they were friends at the time.

Damiano first met the two in high school in Rome, where he later joined the crew. Last but not least, Ethan Torchio joined the band after answering their Facebook “drummer wanted” advertisement.

Even though Victoria and Thomas started the band in its early phases in 2015, Måneskin didn’t become a legal entity until 2016. This resulted from the band’s requirement for a moniker to register for a contest named Pulse. They requested half-Dutchwoman Victoria to devise a list of random Dutch words. She then uttered the word “moonlight,” Måneskin, and the rest is history.

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