Are Xanthi And Brett From ‘The Circle’ Dating? Why Do Followers Believe They Are Dating?

Since the interaction between the two candidates in the most recent season, many viewers of the Netflix series have been asking about this topic. Viewers were intrigued by Xanthi and Brett’s evident chemistry while in the Circle. Both of them appeared to be interested in one another, but is there more to their connection than friendship?

Do Xanthi and Brett of The Circle have a Relationship?

Many The Circle viewers commended Brett and Xanthi for using strategy and working well together, but did their professional relationship grows more romantic? They are not dating one another, no.

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Although Brett and Xanthi have not formally acknowledged or denied their relationship, it does not seem promising. Despite living on opposite sides of the country, they follow each other on Instagram. Additionally, Brett and Xanthi have not communicated on social media.

Additionally, at the Season 5 finale of The Circle, the couple, formerly known as “Jennifer,” seemed to put any relationship suspicions to rest. Brett said, “I think she’s got too many boys at home that are going to be upset if you ask that question,” when host Michelle Buteau asked Brett and Xanthi if they would date outside of the game. Xanthi concurred, too.

In “The Circle,” Brett and Xanthi Talk About Their Fruitful Collaboration

Brett and Xanthi discussed their game with Parade after Season 5 of The Circle came to a close. They also talked about the change from working alone to working with others.

I, therefore, had the following idea: “Look, we’re going to accomplish this thing together. We’re going to work as a unit. Everything and anything about you that I adore will come to me. And we’ll figure out a way to make it work,” Xanthi said. And, to be told, I developed a deep love for Brett. I had his back, and he had mine.

She went on,

“And we had a perfect balance between the two of us. I was the feminine we needed with our Jennifer character, with that womanly touch to it. And Brett was playing the game side of Jennifer. So we had a perfect balance. We had our ups and downs, of course. But respect is number one, and I’d say we had that the whole game.”

Are Xanthi And Brett From ‘The Circle’ Dating-

Brett added,

“I feed off of people, so I was very fortunate to not only have someone to feed off of, but also to have a very high positive energy … So I was very fortunate for the experience. We had so much fun. Even if someone didn’t chat with us, we were partying. We were having a great time in the room.”

This “Cute Couple” is Beloved Among The Circle Fans

The friendship between Xanthi and Brett has been dubbed “adorable” by The Circle fans. After weeks of cohabitation, many people are optimistic that their relationship has blossomed into a passionate one.

When will they reveal that Brett and Xanthi are dating? A fan tweeted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brett and Xanthi started dating seriously once they departed, someone other said.

“Her demanding how she likes her eggs as he was cooking sold it for me, lol,” remarked another admirer.

Why Do Followers Believe They Are Dating?

We assume that this couple is dating based on their engaging banter…

On Instagram, Brett referred to Xanthi as “the man-eater” four weeks prior. “Yes, baby,” she retorted. On January 5, she also tweeted a screenshot of them FaceTiming on her Story.

They routinely exchange words in the comments. She wrote that she was “running late” in an earlier post. She responded, “You’re not entirely wrong,” to Brett’s statement that she “probably needed to urinate.”

So, if you’re wondering if she likes you, I’ll tell you exactly how to speak, Brett added on Instagram Stories. According to Brett, if she never says, “Oh, that must have been one of your other girlfriends,” she doesn’t like you and is probably having an extramarital affair.

Brett and Xanthi, however, have not made any updates to their photo accounts. She lives in Massachusetts, and he lives in Oakdale, Connecticut. They are separated by more than two hours of driving. But love still wins, isn’t that right?

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